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If you’ve ever been disappointed in the lack of Latino representation in video games, you’re in luck. A new video game is about to come out that puts Latino characters front and center. And not only that, but the game will focus on an ancient Indigenous culture–Aztec, to be exact. That game will be called “Aztech Forgotten Gods”.

Aztech Forgotten Gods” is an upcoming video game that is a “revisionist historical telling of Aztec history.” Set in an alternate future, “Aztech” imagines a world where Europeans never colonized Mesoamerica.

Much like Wakanda in “Black Panther”, “Aztech Forgotten Gods” takes place in an advanced civilization. In this civil “the Aztec empire was never conquered, and flourished into a hyper-advanced, cutting-edge civilization.”

Per Deadline: “The Aztec Empire’s capital, Tenochtitlan, has thrived for centuries as a stone metropolis, technologically elevated yet heavily rooted in the ways of those indigenous to the land. That is, until supernatural beings suddenly start to converge on the ancient city, duping those who live there by masking themselves as ancient Aztec gods…Their goal is to enslave the inhabitants.”

Fortunately, a badass heroine named Achtli is there to save the day. This fierce Latina “leads the opposition and uncovers the mystery behind these beings.”

“Aztech Forgotten Gods” was created by Latino writer and video producer Guillermo Vizcaíno. Vizcaíno wanted to blend the “rich history behind the Aztecs” with an “an anime-inspired futuristic story”. The video game will be available on all major gaming platforms later this summer.

Soon after the video game “Aztech Forgotten Gods” was announced, Latina producer Yvette Yates Redick got on board. She saw the video game as a potential franchise in a market that lacks such a Latino project. “As a Latina producer and with roots in Chihuahua, Mexico, I am proud to be collaborating with Lienzo, and bringing to light the legends and rich history of Mexico with Aztech,” Yvette Yates Redick said to Deadline.

No word on when they movie will be released. But, the producers’ plan to adapt the story into a film, a spinoff series and an anime film. We can’t wait to see all of it!