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On Wednesday, PBS announced that “Arthur” has been canceled after 25 years on the air. The announcement was met with both shock and outcry from long-time fans. Outcry because “Arthur” was a beloved and nostalgic part of practically everyone’s childhood. Shock because…has it really been on the air for 25 years?! It felt like just yesterday that we were sitting on the couch on Saturday morning with a bowl of Froot Loops listening to that famous theme song. “Every day when you’re walking down the street/Everybody that you meet/Has an original point of view…

Since there have been two generations of now-young-adults raised on “Arthur,” naturally, both millennials and Gen Z-ers have incorporated “Arthur” references into internet culture. And since there are 25-years worth of “Arthur” content, it has been easy for savvy internet users to create an “Arthur” meme for practically every occasion.

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So, in loving memory of “Arthur”, mitú has compiled a list of the 10 funniest, most popular, on-point “Arthur” memes. Take a look at the list of Arthur Memes!

1. The “Carefree Stroll” Arthur

This one is very much in the format of an “expectations vs. reality” meme. Perfect for when you’ve promised yourself you’re going to do something. But when the time comes, all you care about is breaking your plans, spending money, and having fun. All while being carefree, of course.

2. The “Exhausted Brain” Meme

Perfect for when someone keeps talking and you’re just having none of it at this point.

3. Arthur “listening” To Headphones


This meme is used to describe the phenomenon of listening without really listening (all while pretending to listen with a pleasant smile on your face). Your mom calls you to tell you about office gossip: this meme applies. Your therapist tells you that you should start meditating: this meme applies. You want your colleagues to think you’re listening to music and not their chisme: this meme absolutely applies.

4. The “Oh, sh*t! Duck!” Meme

One of the best things to come out of “Arthur” is D.W. The spunky, defiant little sister of our main guy has brought us many laughs over the years. Like this one. This meme applies to when you’re blindsided and worried about something that’s going on that’s out of your control. Like, when both of your boyfriends show up to the same party…

5. D.W. Sarcastically Commenting On A Closed Door

Another classic D.W. meme. This one is usually used by people who are jaded about all the roadblocks they’re experiencing in their life. Usually, this is used for people trying to make more money or climb that corporate ladder to no avail.

6. D.W. Hating On The Sun

D.W. strikes again. This meme is perfect to use when you’re trying to explain why you’re in a bad mood despite all the amazing things going on around you.

7. The “Stop Talking Before We Get In Trouble” Meme

We’ve all been here. A friend is about to out us about the crazy things we’ve done and we’re rushing to shut them up before they get us into trouble.

8. D.W. With Dark Circles

Arthur Memes

This meme is used to signify “exhausted but soldiering through.” Yes, you may have had 8 minutes of sleep last night. Yes, you may be a little bit slap happy. But you’re here, you’ve shown up, and you have a smile on your face. Even if that smile is deranged.

Arthur Memes

The meme is used to describe that feeling of being on the outside looking in or even feeling excluded. It’s pretty much FOMO in meme format.

10. And finally, the GOAT…

Ahhh, the “Arthur Fist” meme. This one is so legendary that it’s hard to describe it in words. But in essence, this meme is used to describe that feeling of internalized anger that you’re doing your best to suppress. It’s usually set off by the small, everyday things that happen to really piss you off. This meme became such a phenomenon that it’s pretty much a permanent fixture of internet culture at this point.