“The Flash” movie’s first reactions are out, and they are nothing short of spectacular. The film, directed by Argentinian Andy Muschietti and produced by his sister Barbara, has been hailed as “the best DC movie in history,” despite the well-covered antics of its main star, actor Ezra Miller.

Law enforcement officers arrested Miller multiple times for disorderly conduct, assault, and a break-in. They also engaged in other chaotic, disruptive, and unsettling behaviors in 2022.

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The 30-year-old actor, who identifies as nonbinary and prefers they/them pronouns, issued an apology in August. They addressed the press release “to those they may have alarmed or upset with their past behavior.” They disclosed they were struggling with complex mental health issues. 

Following this, the actor has kept a low profile as their legal issues unfold, ultimately pleading guilty to trespassing.

Many expected the movie to be scraped, but the Muschetti siblings convinced Warner Bros. Studios to overlook the scandal and keep the film on schedule.

Two brilliant minds

The film-making duo has significantly impacted the entertainment industry with their unique vision and storytelling skills. 

The Argentine siblings first gained recognition for their 2013 horror film, “Mama,” which impressed Guillermo del Toro. The Mexican filmmaker produced the movie.

“Mama” starred Jessica Chastain and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and was a box office success, grossing over $146 million worldwide.

Following the success of “Mama,” Andy and Barbara have been involved in several high-profile projects. They’ve worked on the Stephen King adaptation “It,” which broke box office records in 2017, grossing over $700 million worldwide. The audience praised the movie for its direction, writing, and performances. And many critics lauded the Muschiettis’ ability to balance horror and humor.

Others celebrated how Andy convinced King to do an iconic cameo. The author was holding a mate decorated with the flag of Independientes, Muschetti’s beloved soccer team in Argentina.

The duo is now a household name. “Flash” is the latest proof of their ability to create atmospheric and compelling storytelling that resonates with audiences of all ages. 

The importance of representation

Andy and Barbara Muschietti are proud of their Latino heritage and have spoken publicly about the importance of diversity and representation in Hollywood. 

In an interview with Collider, Andy Muschietti spoke about the relevance of Latino culture in his work, stating, “We come from a culture that’s rich in myth, and that’s informed how we tell stories. It’s really important to us to tell stories with rich cultural context.” 

The Muschiettis’ Argentinian roots are also important to their identity as filmmakers. 

In the same Collider interview, Barbara Muschietti explained, “Argentina is a country of storytellers; there’s no doubt about that. Because we’re immigrants, or because of the turmoil our country has been through, we grew up with a sense of the power of storytelling and the importance of it.”