Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith‘s marriage is making headlines again. This week, the actress went on a media tour for her new memoir, “Worthy,” dishing on the juicy details of her relationship with the “Hitch” actor. And yes, even discussing the unforgettable slap moment at the Oscars.

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Pinkett Smith shared that she and Will Smith have been separated since 2016. Yup. And that the Oscar winner hasn’t called her “wife” in years in an interview with the TODAY Show. However, many are not buying her new revelations. Including “The View” co-host Ana Navarro.

On Wednesday, Navarro expressed her frustration with the Smiths, asking, “Why do I know so much about these people’s marriage?”

Adding, “I kinda feel like I know more about these people’s marriage than my own damn marriage.”

The kicker though? Navarro isn’t buying the “Girls Trip” actress’s new allegations. Saying she’s “having a relationship with her bank account,” and sharing this new information to make money.

Ana Navarro called out Jada Pinkett Smith, saying she used her separation from Will Smith to “sell books”

On Wednesday’s episode of “The View,” Navarro didn’t have pelos en la lengua when voicing her opinions on Pinkett Smith’s separation from Will Smith.

“Listen, I think she’s having a relationship with her bank account, because every time she needs to increase the ratings of the Red Table, every time she needs to sell books, she drops these bombshells,” she said. “I find it unseemly. Be careful of anybody who pretends to have a perfect marriage.”

Meanwhile, legal expert Sunny Hostin chimed in by saying Pinkett Smith’s revelations were part of her memoir, and she doesn’t think it was for money.

“It’s a memoir, though, and she writes in her memoir that they’ve been separated for all that time,” Hostin said. “I think it’s a brave thing to do…it’s a courageous thing to do. I think it has less to do with money. She has plenty.”

Co-host Sarah Haines also brought up how Pinkett Smith “demeaned” Smith by saying she thought Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars was a “sketch.”

With Navarro adding, “Her face did not look like she thought it was a comedy sketch. If she thought it was a comedy sketch she had a role in it. She was playing into it.”

On the internet, some agreed with Navarro while others told her to mind “her business”

On X, the 51-year-old Nicaraguan-American television host continued the discussion, sharing another post with her thoughts.

“You telling me, he slapped the shit out of Chris Rock, ruined his career, got banned from the Oscars, swept us all up in the drama, and they’re not even schtupping, not for 7 years?” she wrote.

On the comments section, several users voiced their opinions. With one of them saying it’s obvious Pinkett Smith doesn’t like her husband.

While another fully agreed with Navarro’s commentary. Saying they were also tired of the gossip surrounding the Smiths.

However, others condemned Navarro, telling her to “mind her own business” and that she can “change the channel.”

One thing many agree on though, is that they want to be taken out of this couple’s group chat.