A resurfaced clip of Adrienne Bailon Houghton, 39, on the talk show “The Real” is giving fans much to talk about — especially for being honest about “mediocrity.”

Bailon Houghton’s comments on the show are refreshing — especially in an age where hustle culture, extreme fitness, and work-hard-play-hard are at their peak. In fact, as the daytime host and actress put it, she is A-okay with being a self-proclaimed “D-list celebrity.”

She explained, “I think it is important to recognize where you are and that’s okay.” Amen.

The “Cheetah Girls” icon described to her co-hosts, “I just want to be brutally honest. I really enjoy being a D-list celebrity.”

“I get to live a private life when I want to live a private life,” she added.

Bailon Houghton talked about the perks of being a “D-list celebrity” and not striving for “more”

The actress and singer’s comments on “The Real” are juicy, mostly because celebrities don’t usually speak on the subject.

And “brutally honest” she was. Bailon Houghton went on, “I don’t want to be Beyoncé,” referencing how she much prefers a “normal life.”

While the host said she’s not exactly sure she “could be” Beyoncé if she wanted to, she’s 100% happy being who she is. “I like that I can go grocery shopping, have my moño in my hair, and no one bothers me.”

Interestingly, the host gave a slight nod to hustle culture… and choosing not to strive for more.

“Could I strive to do so much more? Sure, couldn’t we all. But I like the life that I live.” Who else can relate?!

Bailon Houghton also brought up body positivity, and being just as okay with her body as she is with her level of success. “I don’t have the best body that I could have. Guess what? I’m also not laying on the ground at four o’clock in the morning doing six hundred crunches.”

“I choose to have a nice little mediocre body that walks me around just fine, lets me do what I got to do, my husband likes it,” she explained. Later, she underlined that it all goes back to one thing: being comfortable with being “mediocre.” And happy about it.

Still, the host asserted that she picks and chooses what to be “mediocre” in, and what to excel in. For one, she always makes sure to give her family her all. “I will not be mediocre when it comes to my personal life.”

“I want to be a great wife, a great daughter, a great sister,” she explained. Since this segment was filmed before Bailon Houghton had her son Ever James, she added at the time: “When I become a mother, I am going to aim for greatness.” And she did!

One more thing? The host clarified that if someone ever calls her a “mediocre wife or mom,” she will not care — unless it comes from her “husband, mother, sister,” or someone whose opinion she values. Here, here!

Bailon Houghton’s comments are a breath of fresh air, especially for many TikTok users commenting on the resurfaced clip.

One TikTok user 100% agreed: “Yes. I feel this way about my job. Love what I do, but not striving to go higher. I like my pay in ratio to my output. I use my energy for my family.”

Another chimed in, “Exactly! Fame actually sounds sooo scary to me. It’s one of those things that you can’t turn back.”

Tons more are dreaming about that “D-list” money without the price of fame: “That’s the level of fame I want 😂 still have that bag but low key.” Yas.

And many more can’t stop questioning if Adrienne Bailon Houghton is really “D-list” as she says. As one user put it, “Cheetah girls??? She is a A [list] celebrity to my childhood self lol.” Same!