Having the discipline to work out and stay in great shape can be challenging for many reasons. However, a lively UPS employee from the Dominican Republic became an online sensation after delivering an inspiring speech about how he keeps fit.

In a video shared by Mark Langowski on his TikTok account Body by Mark, he asks the driver how he stays so ripped. The man’s answer racked up over a million views in less than 14 hours.

“I don’t do weights. It’s calisthenics, pull-ups, dips, push-ups, and keep going,” the guy replied. When asked how many miles he walks in a day, he said around 60.

According to his explanation, the man had attempted weightlifting previously. While he appeared more muscular, his endurance and stamina were insufficient. Now, he feels more athletic, thanks to the calisthenics routine.

The charismatic UPS employee is Dominican and loves all things baseball, motocross and fashion

Although the clip didn’t share the UPS driver’s name, he appears on Instagram as Carlos Antonio Cruz. He also maintains a personal TikTok account where he shares his passion for fashion, baseball, and motocross.

Furthermore, Cruz uses his platforms to spread messages full of positivity that boosts energy while sometimes sharing his great sense of humor.

“A lot of people, you know, when something happens to you, they say: ‘Oh, but everybody doesn’t have the same mentality. Some people went through a lot of hard stuff.’ That’s right,” he said in one of his videos.

Adding, “Everybody doesn’t have the same mentality, but everyone has a strong mentality. Just look for yourself and be as strong as possible.”


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Social media users are clamoring for a personal trainer who matches his enthusiasm and energy

Certainly, this young Dominican’s charisma is contagious, as evidenced by social media users’ creative reactions. Some suggest he thinks about becoming a personal trainer, while others encourage him to start his own fitness channel.

“Find this man. He is a star; his energy is great,” commented a TikTok user. Many others point out his particular way of talking and Caribbean vibes.

“I love my people so much. Platano power,” shared another person with a Dominican flag emoji.

“I need him and ‘Vamos mis amores’ to train me,” another user referring to the Dominican influencer Lucía Díaz mentioned.

“I love this guy. He needs a show,” wrote an Instagram user.