Social media is resurfacing a viral video from 2020 that deserves to be back on all our timelines. YouTuber Daniel Lemus posted the exact moment his father walked in on him doing his makeup for his channel.

While Lemus looked scared at first, turning off all the lights and laughing nervously, his proud dad‘s reaction was absolutely priceless.

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The clip continues to tug on viewers’ heartstrings, showing a father unconditionally love his son— no matter his favorite hobbies or his sexual identity. Lemus titled his YouTube video “My Dad Walked In On Me While I Was Doing My Makeup,” saying this is how he “came out” to his dad.

By a stroke of luck, he got the entire moment on film, with his dad telling him: “Whatever you want to do, you’ll be okay. I’ll be okay with you.”

Lemus’ viral YouTube video continues to connect with people around the globe

There’s no doubt the Mexican-Guatemalan makeup YouTuber’s viral video is a tearjerker.

The first 12 minutes of the clip show Lemus nonchalantly doing a full face while answering some of his followers’ questions. After contouring, doing his brows and applying false eyelashes, the YouTuber heard a sound at the door.

You can see Lemus look nervous, turning off all the lights in case his father saw his face after applying makeup. At that point, you can hear his dad ask, “Que pedo?”

Then, the most heartwarming interaction happened — and it was magical.

Lemus’ father asks him, “What are you doing papa?” He replies, “I’m recording a video.” The dad says “Okay,” and then tells him, “Turn on the light, papa.”

You can see his son laugh nervously, with Lemus later writing on the video, “I was so embarrassed.”

Still, the dad insists and he finally turns on the light. Once that happens, his proud father tells him: “Papa, I’m going to tell you something. Whatever you want to do, papa…”

His son cuts him off, “Don’t make me cry. Don’t make me cry.”

We’re crying.

His father continues, “Whatever you want to do, you’ll be okay. I’ll be okay with you.”

Hugging and kissing his son, the dad affectionately tells him, “I’m with you, okay? I love you Papa, I love you. If that makes you happy, do it, do it, but do it good.”

By the end of the emotional video, the father reminds his son, “I’m always with you, I’ll never leave you behind, okay? I’m with you.”

This is how people reacted to the proud father’s emotional moment with his son

On the original YouTube video, people continue to comment how watching it “had them in tears at work.”

One person said it all with their comment: “Dads like him deserve everything man 🙏🏼🥺 Literally had me in tears🥺.”

Another commenter chimed in, “The world needs more incredible people, and parents, like your father. Creating a safe environment with your children is VITAL.”

“This one hit different. Your dad is the kind of dad the world needs,” another viewer wrote, “If your dad riding with you nobody else’s opinion matters.”

Over on Lemus’ Instagram page, where he reposted the video, he thanked everyone for their support.

“I want to thank everyone for showing love to me and my family 🤍🙏🏻 I love you guys🥺🤍,” he wrote. “I hope that one day, I make everyone proud.”

Hundreds of more people commented on his post, with one person writing, “Your loving father wants you to know you’ve already made everyone proud.”

As another commenter put it, “Best dad ever.”

Now, we’ll just leave this here for all the good vibes today:

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