If you ever fantasized of a giant, cheesy pupusa to face-dive in, some people in El Salvador just lived your dream. Yup, a group of Salvadoran cooks just broke the record for making the world’s biggest pupusa, and we’re salivating.

Chefs in Olocuilta, El Salvador, recently celebrated National Pupusa Day, which always lands on the second Sunday in November. What better way to ring in the holiday than making a pupusa larger than some studio apartments?

Making the world’s largest pupusa

As shown in a special report by Inside Edition, the process was arduous, but fun. Countless people joined together to turn 500 pounds of corn flour into a really big pupusa. Representing El Salvador’s national dish, this record-breaking pupusa rounded out at 18 feet wide. 

The video shows tons of helping hands bringing together the flour, cheese, meat, and beans together to make something delicious — and massive. Meanwhile, chef Rubidia Escobar told the outlet, “We feel happy to be making the largest pupusa in the world… it measures 5.50 meters.”

As one of the country’s “most classic things,” it’s no wonder the event attracted lots of people. Several helpers brought out the giant pupusa on a huge metal plate, basically making our dream Christmas gift come to life. Later, everyone shared the delicious pupusa and celebrated the new Guinness world record.

Over on Twitter, users are going through all the feels about the world’s biggest pupusa. The biggest victim here? The world’s second biggest pupusa, of course.

Please laugh with us at this Drake-inspired meme, imagining the world’s second-largest pupusa rapping, “I had someone tell me I fell off, ooh, I needed that.” LOL.

Moreover, one Twitter user said they’ve “trained” their “entire life” for this very moment. Likewise, another joked about how there’s “GOT to be a Salvadoreña tia or abuelita in Los Angeles” who wants to break this record. We second that!