Ring the bell because we’re about to get into a boxing match with someone stat: Mexican culinary favorites tortas de tamal and tripas were just ranked some of the worst street foods in the world. Topping the list at 9th and 17th place respectively, we’re just wondering if we’re all talking about the same foods here — because tortas de tamal and tacos de tripas are fire.

So, who are the offenders? The “50 Worst Rated Street Foods In The World” list was compiled by notable culinary guide Taste Atlas, which counts itself as “an encyclopedia of flavors, a world atlas of traditional dishes, local ingredients, and authentic restaurants.” It rounds out at over 10,000 categorized foods and drinks, including tons of cuisines from just about every country.

That being said, Taste Atlas’ latest list has proved to be one of their most polarized rankings to date, particularly for rating tortas de tamal as the 9th worst street food in the world, and tripas 17th. 

If you’re unfamiliar, tortas de tamal or guajolotas consist of a tamal placed inside a bolillo, or bread roll. Popular in Mexico City, guajolotas are often served with atole, that hot masa-based drink that might remind you of las Navidades with your family. Meanwhile, tripas are exactly what they sound like — intestines, seasoned and cooked with everything from onions to cilantro. Usually served in tacos, they’re absolutely delicious.

In short, you can see why many people are freaking out over Taste Atlas’ latest rankings — and you can bet they’re letting their voices be heard over on social media. One Twitter user took to the platform to write, “One of the worst foods in the world? All of the #HijosDeMx have eaten a delicious torta de tamal before, right?”

Another user echoed the sentiment, writing, “No one start talking about my tortas de tamal!” Yet another person posted, “Those people from ‘Taste Atlas’ haven’t tried a torta de tamal in their lives”— and honestly? We wouldn’t be surprised. 

Someone else just decided to honor the torta de tamal, and we’re here for it: “The most beautiful gastronomic dish exists and it’s called ‘torta de tamal’” Now we’re craving one!

As you may expect, people are equally angry over tripas’ ranking. One Twitter user questioned, “What are those pendejos going to know about love?” showing just how much they appreciate both tortas de tamal and tripas. Same!