A teenage girl gave her mom the best Christmas present ever after creating a viral TikTok inspiring hundreds of people to come to their family’s taco shop. The restaurant, Taco-Bout-Joy’s, is based in Glenview, Illinois. Unfortunately, the family-run spot has struggled to establish a reliable customer base…until now.


I wish I could give her customers for Christmas

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A struggling taco shop asks for help

In a heartbreaking 15-second video, the original TikTok shows the girl’s mother waiting by the door for customers to arrive. The caption reads, “It breaks my heart to see my mom watching the door everyday waiting for a customer to walk in.” Before long, the TikTok reached millions of people and inspired hundreds of locals to visit Taco-Bout-Joy’s for some grub.

The restaurant opened in September of this year. Like any new restaurant, Taco-Bout-Joy’s has had a hard time getting people in the door. However, the power of social media quickly turned things around. Before long, there was a line of hungry customers around the block. Not only that, Taco-Bout-Joy’s even had to get help from the staff from a nearby taco shop.


If you found tears in your tacos, I’m sorry 💖

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The wait stretches around the block

In fact, the volume of orders was so large, some customers had to wait more than an hour for their food. “Please be patient with us. We are trying to get the orders out as fast as possible,” they wrote in a Facebook post. Since the initial rush a few days ago, Taco-Bout-Joy’s is already preparing for the future.

Soon after, the restaurant put out a call for kitchen staff in a social media post just one day after the business started booming. Additionally, they posted pictures of a Certificate of Recognition they received from Chicago’s Best Mexican Restaurants. If that wasn’t enough, Taco-Bout-Joy’s is inviting Santa to visit this weekend.

As of now, Taco-Bout-Joy’s has more than 4,000 reviews on Google and are regularly selling out of popular menu items.

Thanks to this much-needed PR boost, Taco-Bout-Joy’s is on its way to becoming a staple in the community. Additionally, recent social media posts confirm this wasn’t a fluke. In fact, the restaurant is still seeing a large volume of orders days after the original TikTok. And they’re showing no signs of slowing down.