Parody law is a funny thing. In an era where corporations are more cautious than ever about protecting their brands, parody law is one of the last legal ways to fight back. Basically, as long as you’re clearly making fun of a popular brand, you’re in the clear.

A new restaurant in Guadalupe, Mexico, is taking that idea to the extreme by using parody law to operate a real restaurant. With a similar array of menu offerings, Mexico’s Not In-En-Out is able to operate legally because it’s clearly a send-up of the popular burger chain.

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What is Not In-En-Out?

Thanks to a TikTok by chef and food blogger @paco_chefcito, viewers can get a better look at one of the strangest restaurants in all of Mexico. Not In-En-Out appears to operate out of a converted shipping container in a residential area. In the video, Paco gives us a look at Combo #1, which comes with a burger and an order of fries.

The food actually looks really good

Honestly, the french fries look better than the ones at In-N-Out. They look well-seasoned and homemade, unlike In-N-Out’s notoriously soggy, flavorless fries. Seriously, they had to create a whole new “Secret Menu” to make the fries edible. Seriously, though. If you haven’t had Animal Fries yet from In-N-Out, you’re missing out.

The burger looks equally delicious. Paco gives us a look at his double cheeseburger and it is no joke. “All I know if cheese get stuck in the tinfoil it gon smack,” wrote one commenter. He is not wrong. A messy burger is a good burger and this thing looks downright disgusting. In a good way!


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At the end of the video, Paco gives the food a 10/10. From the video alone it seems like that assessment is correct. The food looks absolutely delicious and worth the trip. Interestingly enough, Not In-En-Out seems to have no online presence. It makes sense, though, as they probably don’t want the real In-N-Out catching wind of their operation.

Although it is technically legal, a big corporation like that has more money and better lawyers. Keeping a low profile probably helps Not In-En-Out stay open, even if it means losing out on customers willing to make the trip to Guadalupe.

Remember Dumb Starbucks?

As great as this idea is, Not In-En-Out is not the first parody restaurant! A few years back, comedian Nathan Fielder created Dumb Starbucks as part of his popular show, “Nathan For You.” In the episode, Nathan suggests creating a parody Starbucks to help a struggling coffee shop in Los Feliz, California.

Before long, the parody coffee shop becomes a global sensation. Some people even thought it was a work by renowned street artist Banksy. But no, it was just a guy who went to Canada’s top business school with really good grades.

Maybe places like Dumb Starbucks and Not In-En-Out will inspire a new generation of restaurateurs. It’s one thing to create a new brand from scratch. It’s another thing entirely to use parody law as a way to jump to the front of the line.

But also, as corporate franchises continue to pillage through mom-and-pop shops worldwide, maybe that’s not a bad thing.