If you had a quinceañera of your own, you might have had a gorgeous, sparkly dress (extra points for fabric that’s reminiscent of cotton candy), a big cake, a feast, damas and chambelanes, and maybe even some mariachis. Regan, an adorable border collie from Las Vegas, had all that and more in her own quinceañera — including mariachis that definitely understood the assignment. Once you see this video, you’ll find yourself singing “guau, guau, guau” and “woof, woof, woof” all day.

Everything to know about the dog’s quinceañera, and her epic mariachis

TikTok user @sandrayn43 shared a video that shook the world — at least where quinceañera and dog lovers are concerned. She captioned the clip, “POV – Your sister in Vegas throws a quince for her dog and the mariachis understood the assignment.” And she really wasn’t kidding. They earned that check!

The video gives an inside look into Regan’s quince, which they threw in a backyard decorated with fairy lights, banners, extra decor, and a cute dining area. Family and friends gathered to celebrate the border collie’s life, while mariachis sang the songs we know and love. One difference, though? After the band serenaded everyone with a birthday song for Regan, it was time to switch to a language the dog could understand. It was Regan’s day after all. So, the mariachis went bilingual… and guau‘d everyone (we had to).

As you can see in the cute TikTok, the mariachis switched out singing standard lyrics for something more along the lines of “woof,” “guau,” even a few “ruffs.” Yes, the mariachis remixed their songs by using dog sounds instead, and it put a smile on all the guests’ faces.


More pics of my dog niece’s quince! The Mariachi info is in the first video comments. #dogquinceañera #vegasdog #foryou

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Regan got her very own quinceañera dress and decor

As you can see in this post by Regan’s tia Sandra, they spared no expense in celebrating the pups life — it was almost better than a human quince. They made a huge dog treat as the birthday cake, a full setup with party favors, banners, decor, candy, and a “15” piñata, and dressed adorable Regan in a purple ruffled dress and sombrero. Our hearts? Very warmed right about now, actually.

As one TikTok commenter wrote, “The dress!! She’s so adorable she deserved her quinceañera.” Agreed. Another chimed in, “If your dog lives to 15, she sure as hell deserves a quinceañera!” Yet another user added, “Making it to 15 for any dog is a huge milestone.” Regan deserves all the celebrations!


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♬ original sound – Dr. N

Regan’s tia and biggest fan added more to the story on TikTok by adding a part two, and it’s everything we needed. She told the dog’s new fans that her sister “loves to throw parties,” explaining, “without her and her craziness, our parties would be so boring.” Sandra described how her sister “loves” her dog Regan as much as she loves parties, so throwing a quinceañera for her pup was a no-brainer.

Meanwhile, the dog’s owner is a teacher who always decorates her classroom for her students

While the party was already perfect, Regan’s dog mom took it to the next level by making an Amazon registry, having a taquiza at the party, decorating the entire house, and of course, inviting mariachis. We want her to plan our birthdays now! They even had a quinceañera blessing and prayer for Regan, and we’re absolutely obsessed.

Even cuter? Sandra said her sister and our new fave dog mom is a teacher in Las Vegas with an “amazing classroom” and makes different themes every year for all her students. She “goes all out” for the kids she teaches, so of course she did the same for Regan.

Moreover, Sandra’s daughter, A.K.A. the dog mom’s niece, said Regan is a border collie that “runs the household in Las Vegas,” and deserved the best quince her owner could give her. Happy birthday, Regan!