Ever heard of Mexican bordertown Los Algodones? Well, you may be surprised to find out that it is one of the dental capitals of the world. Coined “Molar City,” Los Algodones is Disneyland for dental work— with clinics everywhere you look.

Los Algodones is a haven for people looking for lower-cost dental services, choosing from around 600 dentists operating within one square-mile. And while the town’s population is just over 5,000, tens of thousands of visitors travel there each year.

If you’ve ever had dental work in the United States, you are probably familiar with its sky-high prices. Well, many people are finding a solution to those costs by crossing the border. According to NPR, dental work in Los Algodones is around two-thirds less expensive than similar services in the U.S., making it even more attractive to tourists.

With the highest number of dentists per square mile in the world, Los Algodones is a town you need to know about.

Los Algodones comprises 350 dental clinics and around 600 dentists

As TikTok user Kevin Nguyen noted, “Los Algodones is only two miles from the U.S. border and boasts some of the cheapest dental care in North America.”

The town features around 350 different dental clinics, and yes— 600 dentists out of around just 5,000 inhabitants. Bloomberg names Los Algodones a “go-to destination” for dental work, offering shorter wait times and much-cheaper services.


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As they report, clinics in Los Algodones offer dental fillings for $50, root canals at $250, and crowns for $500. With prices such as these, visitors flock here each year— as one tourist explained to NPR after his own dental procedure in the city, “It’s $50,000 up there, about $5,000 down here.”

Nguyen added that the large amount of clinics in the town makes their prices even more competitive. “The sheer number of dental offices alone means that visitors can get a price that seems too good to be true.”

The dental capital of the world primarily brings U.S. and Canadian tourists.

As Miguel Ibarreche from Sani Dental Group explained to NPR, Los Algodones offers cheap dental services because of both cheaper real estate and labor costs. However, he said that dentists in Mexico don’t usually have much student debt, which can also lower their prices.

Many people on social media have shared their experiences getting dental work in the Mexican town

One TikTok user, @florencianarra, took a trip to Los Algodones to show people exactly how it looks like. She explained, “We’re in Los Algodones, Baja California, a town that left behind its past of brothels of cantinas to become ‘Molar City.’ The place with the most dentists in the world.”


El lugar con más dentistas 🦷 en el mundo está en México, es donde el turismo médico le dio la vuelta al pasado de burdeles y cantinas con dentistas y consultorios médicos. Conoce la historia de este lugar en Perra Nación, un podcast gratuito que puedes escuchar en Spotify. #dentistas #turismomedico #losalgodones #bajacalifornia #mexicali

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In the video, she also greeted Dr. Bernardo Magaña, the founder of the town’s first dental clinic and a dentistry school. “I am the founder of the profession in this community,” he told the TikTok user.

Several more people on social media have shared their experiences visiting the town. One X user recently posted several photos from her stay at Los Algodones, writing, “Just got home from Mexico to get teeth fixed. Two Crowns, one Root Canal = $1,020.”

Adding, “In [the U.S., it] would have been more like $3000.”

Meanwhile, one TikTok user showed their finished results after an array of dental procedures in the town. This included a crown, crown repair, front fillings, a teeth cleaning, and whitening service, all allegedly for $380.


Went for a crown, crown repair and fix front fillings plus teeth cleaning and teeth whitening 380.00 what??? Algodones Dental Rocks

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Another TikTok user explained the massive difference in dental prices between “Molar City” and U.S. clinics. She added, “It is worth it, [but] you need to travel.”

That being said, as spokesman for the American Dental Association, Edmond Hewlett, told NPR— it’s best to do your own research. As with all medical procedures. “My best advice is to plan very carefully… and know what you are signing up for,” he told the outlet.

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