Need something to cheer you up today? Look no further than this video of a little girl singing Angela Aguilar while washing dishes.

Singing “Que Agonía” by Aguilar and Yuridia at the top of her lungs, this adorable girl is all of us when cleaning the house on the weekends (you can say Fabuloso and Mistolin are our backup dancers). It’s no wonder the video has already amassed nearly 13 million views, it’s that heartwarming:

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The little girl just went viral on TikTok for her “happiness” while washing dishes

The video was posted by the girl’s proud mother, TikTok user Alo Enciso Nava, or @alondriitanoniis. The mother, who appears to live in Mexico from other posts, captioned it with, “My baby is always happy.”

You can see how her daughter gets very into Aguilar’s canción de desamor, as it should be. Cleaning a plate with a soapy washcloth and wearing a super-cute “Encanto” t-shirt, this girl represents all of us whenever Aguilar comes on.

The little girl sings, “Sorry if I didn’t know how to love you, I know you deserved more. Today, I know that you only live loves like yours once.”

Adorably enough, her singing is extremely emotional, and shows wisdom beyond her years.

TikTok commenters can’t stop reacting to the video, with one person wondering, “Who hurt her so much? 😭 She sings it with so much emotion.”

Another wrote, “I want a granddaughter like that,” while another said the video is them 24/7. One commenter said, “God bless her talent,” while another couldn’t help but relate to the girl: “That’s me in the bathroom.” Yet another agreed, “That’s me whenever I wash the dishes.”

Another similar video exists on TikTok— and it’s just as cute

Meanwhile, this super-cute girl isn’t the only one going viral for singing “Que Agonía” while washing dishes. Yes, we’re blessing you with two wholesome videos today— and the second one is just as heartwarming:

Similarly to Nava’s daughter, another little girl recently went viral on TikTok for singing “Que Agonía” while also washing dishes. Going fully into the “Que agonía” part of the song, TikToker @salseado_ actually posted the video a few days before @alondriitanoniis.

No word on whether Nava was inspired by @salseado_ or if it’s “En Realidad” just a magical coincidence (with Aguilar as fairy godmother, of course). Either way, we’re just happy both exist!

People were extremely responsive to @salseado_’s video, too, amassing more than 22 million views. TikTok users loved seeing how they’re raising “a strong, independent woman,” while another joked: “Tell me you are Hispanic without telling me you are Hispanic 😂🥰 The chore music training begins at a young age.”

Another comment that just made our hearts happy? “It’s the pantuflas for me”— same! Another said this is them whenever they’re “home alone cleaning,” and we couldn’t agree more.