Orlando, Florida couple Shelly and Roberto Perez came up with a social media challenge this month that embraces the power of a Latina’s trusty chancla.

On October 1, the couple posted a hilarious TikTok video, with Roberto Perez saying the now-iconic line: “I trust my Latina.” What does he trust his Latina wife with, exactly? Well, surely tons of things — but for the sake of their challenge, he trusts her with using her chancleta to sniper-hit a cup on his head. Really:

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Shelly and Roberto Perez told mitú that they were first inspired by the “I Trust My Wife” TikTok challenge, which involves using a belt to hit the cup instead. However, Shelly Perez’s brother got the idea that the couple should try the challenge with a chancleta — and the rest was history.

“My brother Brian then stated, ‘Hey you guys should do this trend with a chancleta,'” Shelly Perez recalled. “Rob thought it [would] be fun, except he thought it would be more relatable if we used ‘Latina’ instead of ‘wife’ since the chancla is well known in the Latino community.”

As you can in one of the couple’s recent compilation videos, they have filmed the challenge at least seven times — and have made “I Trust My Challenge” a viral social media trend.

Their videos of Shelly Perez’s crazy accuracy with her chancla have attracted countless new fans, too. As one TikTok user commented, “That foot throw game is insaaaaaaneee 🔥.” Another added, “The chancla is strong with this one 😳.”

One of the best comments, though? “As my mother would say: FWACKATA! 👏 Shelly is murdering! 😂👏💗.” Yep, the “fwackata” sound just unlocked a core memory for us.

Impressively, Shelly Perez showed in part seven that she can roundhouse-kick her chancleta directly to the cup on her husband’s head… with a baby in her arm. Yep, Latinas are made differently:

Also, Roberto Perez claiming the first blooper hit “was on purpose” just killed us. LOL. Speaking about bloopers, please check out all the “misses” that he has had to endure thus far. Ouch (but we can’t stop laughing):


Shelly was a SpotOn but it actually didn’t take as long as you guys might think! #itrustmylatina #shellyrob9719 #casatiktok #latina #chancla

♬ Cena Engraçada e Inusitada de 3 Minutos – HarmonicoHCO

Suffice to say, the Perez family has begun a movement, and now, people can’t stop trying out the challenge. Probably don’t try this at home unless you want to get hit by a chancleta. However, this trend is hilarious and will guarantee you a great laugh. The best part? People are now even trying the “I Love My Latina” challenge with their moms.

Talking about all of the people trying out the challenge, Shelly Perez described to us, “The different ways they tried the challenge, the accuracy and most of all, the laughs and excitement, are my absolute favorite.”

Here are the 13 best “I Love My Latina” videos we’ve found on TikTok. One more thing? Please keep them coming. Asking for a friend!

Here are some of the funniest “I Love My Latina” TikTok challenge videos that have us rolling on the floor

As Shelly and Roberto Perez posted on Instagram this week, they can barely believe their “little idea” has become so widespread.

“Thank you to everyone for making our little idea of “I Love My Latina” into a viral trend,” they wrote. “Amazed at how fast it has grown!” The couple also compiled tons of other social media users’ takes on the challenge — proving it’s the gift that just keeps giving. It also proves Latinas should always be trusted… at least where chancletas are concerned.

Shelly and Roberto Perez are both Latinos who grew up in the Bronx, and met in a teaching program as they both pursued a master’s degree in special education. Incredibly enough, this isn’t the first time the couple goes viral on social media— in fact, you may also know them as the “Bachata Couple” from a few years back:


Super excited to call you my forever dance partner @mjackson3188 this was the video that made us #shellyrob9719 ! Our #bachataweddingdance ! #bachata #casatiktok #weddingday

♬ original sound – Shellyrob9719

“Our social media originally took off about 4 years ago with a video we shared of us dancing bachata at our wedding,” Shelly Perez shared. “Rob is not a dancer, and at the wedding he ended up dancing and his friends were all going crazy.”

“A few videos have taken off after this, however, the ‘I Trust My Latina” chancla videos have really taken off,” she added. Adorably enough, their three-year-old loves to participate, too.

Speaking of the significance of this challenge to them, the couple sees it as a way to bring people together. “Some people may just see this as a silly challenge, but not many see the true purpose,” they described to mitú. “To us, the purpose of this challenge is to unite couples in having some fun together and to trust one another.”

Without further ado, we present some of our favorites. And as one IG user recently commented, “Are we going to do the chancla Olympics?” We vote yes!

1. First, a “Latina girlfriend” with insane, ninja accuracy:

Is this woman a ninja? Maybe. Does her boyfriend trust her very, very much? No doubts there! We’re not sure how she managed to hit that cup while completely turned around, but… she did that.

2. Warning: this challenge is funny… but could be painful:

TikTok user @gnb.official proved that this challenge has a dark side. Once you bring the “I Love My Latina” trend into your home, there’s no going back. Sure, you’ll get some laughs, but you may also get a concussion. All we’re saying, don’t try this at home! Ow.

3. This trend continues to prove that Latinas have sniper-like accuracy with their chancleta:

Since we were kids, we knew Latinas are sniper-esque when it comes to throwing chancletas (cough, cough our moms taught us that). Still, we’re shook at this woman accomplishing the challenge from the top of a staircase, while quickly walking, and even while blindfolded. How?!

4. Should this guy have trusted his Latina wife? 100%:

Even though TikToker @amaya_n_angel says he “might have a concussion” after trying this challenge, there’s no doubt his Latina wife is very trustworthy with her chancla. Her aim, even while covering her eyes, is top-tier. “No way,” indeed!

5. Well, maybe don’t always trust your Latina:

We can’t stop laughing at @stephsquaredtv’s rendition of the “I Love My Latina” challenge, because, well — it proves how difficult it really is. We can definitely relate to this wife’s struggles hitting the cup, and Steph, we feel your pain!

6. This video proves “gringos” should always trust their “esposa Latina”:

Captioned, “Mi gringo confía en su esposa Latina,” we can’t stop laughing at this video, either. This “gringo” might not have known what he was getting into with a Latina wife, but he seems to be loving every minute of it. Even the dog is pumped!

7. This challenge is equal parts sweet and spicy:

Sometimes, your Latina girlfriend will hit the red Solo cup on your head like a bullseye. Sometimes, though, you might get hit pretty badly while just sitting on your couch. We’re agridulce!

8. We’ve always known mamás Latinas are top-tier when it comes to chancla throwing:

Can we just say we’re obsessed with these self-professed “cool parents living life”? The Medinas proved that this Latina wife and mother is a “professional chancla thrower,” and we can’t stop laughing. Okay, we need to get our moms and abuelas in on this trend!

9. Can you slide James Bond-style and have perfect chancla aim? This Latina can:

James Bond, is that you? This Latina wife can slide on the floor and throw her chancla with perfect aim to her partner, and nail the challenge from a moving vehicle (definitely not recommended, but LOL). There were some painful moments too, though.

10. Okay, this man may deserve a medal after this challenge:

Couples TikTok account @janieceandisaiah‘s take on the trend is making us roll on the floor right now. While this man’s girlfriend got it right the first time from the staircase, subsequent tries… seemed pretty painful. We’re pretty sure even the phone said ouch.

11. Sometimes, all you need is to try… and try again:

We’re obsessed with this video of this couple trying the challenge over and over again. As Aaliyah once said, “If at first you don’t succeed, then dust yourself off and try again,” and these two took it to heart! Side note: their cheers at the end are so cute.

12. We’re loving how people are reinterpreting the challenge to include their moms:

Of course, Latina moms everywhere are the OG chancla throwers. So, it makes sense to bring your mom into the challenge, too. TikTok user @gabyvillegas28 did just that, and as she put it, her mother “got way too into” the trend. The first try is perfect — and we can’t stop laughing at all the bloopers, too.

Also, the daughter saying, “See why I never got in trouble as a kid? She could never get me,” during the misses… savage.

13. Another TikTok user tried the challenge with their mom, who “doesn’t know why” he trusts her:


Atleast they were cute chanclas

♬ original sound – Kenneth Pabon

TikToker @kennethpabon also tried the “I Trust My Latina” challenge with his mom, who said she “doesn’t know why” he trusts her. Probably not the best idea to use a metal bottle, but LOL at the cheers at the end!