Every now and then, a story comes along that melts our hearts. This is the case of Nathan Montanez, a dad who has shown us there are no limits when expressing appreciation for your loved ones.

Captivating the hearts of social media users, this father’s beautiful gesture touched their souls. Montanez was determined to bring smiles back to his two children, so he began an extraordinary and long journey.

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According to reports from Good News Network, the family planned a few days off to indulge in a memorable vacation at Disney World. However, their carefully crafted itinerary took an unexpected twist when their flight got canceled at the last minute.

When the family found out they weren’t traveling, dad improvised and came to the rescue

Jill Tobin-Montanez revealed they had spent months organizing this two-day family trip. Unfortunately, her husband’s work commitments initially prevented him from joining them.

With just 15 minutes remaining before departure, United Airlines shattered their dreams by canceling their flight. Leaving them with no alternative options.

The mother made the tough decision to inform their children and called her husband to pick them up from the airport. Little did they know, a delightful road trip adventure awaited them.

“I explained to my kids that sometimes life gives you lemons — and we’d try again to get to Disney another time,” she said. 

And continued: “When we got in the car, all defeated, he asked if we were ready to go. We said ‘yup,’ thinking we were going home. Then he told us to get ready for a long drive. He then put the song ‘On the Road Again’ on the radio and told us he was driving us to Disney!”

This real-life fairytale ending melted social media’s heart

After a 17-hour drive, the family arrived in Orlando well past midnight. Their determination and unwavering spirit paid off as they embarked on an unforgettable adventure.

The happy family shared adorable photos capturing the precious moments they experienced and the everlasting memories they forged.

On Twitter, someone shared a similar story, showing us that family memories are the best:

One Instagram user praised Montanez for taking care of the family.

“Boss Dad move. Just do what it takes for the family. That is what a real one does!.”

Others made funny comments:

“Everyone: what a great dad, drove all that way for his kids. Dad: I would have driven double that time; those Disney tickets are non-refundable.”