Who can resist the heart-melting cuteness of tiny baby toes? Now, picture adding an extra dose of adorable by slipping on some charming handmade Mexican chanclas.

That’s precisely the story of an aunt whose viral video features a cute newborn sporting these one-of-a-kind creations inspired by their Latino roots.

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Sally Perez, the proud aunt, captures the magical moment when a family member delicately placed the miniature sandals on her sleeping nephew’s feet.

“My sister made my baby nephew his first flip-flops. Trying to get them on without waking him,” she commented in the video. She explains that her sister, the artist Nelida Perez, created the design.

Perez has been selling these lovely chanclas and other hand-crafted designs

Sandals are classic summer footwear. Amid the many trends showcasing varying heights and shapes, this crochet design, tailored for the tiniest feet, holds a special place. 

Handcrafted and lace-free, these models have ignited a true sensation across social media platforms.

Riding the waves of virality, Perez, the creative mind behind these tiny wonders, extends their availability beyond the captivating video. Operating an online store on Etsy, she curated a collection of her artistic creations, including these adorable flip-flops.

Imagine the same cozy design adorned the baby’s feet, now available in more shades. From the royal blue that caught everyone’s attention to tones like beige, white, and classic black, these mini masterpieces offer a color palette as diverse as a rainbow’s embrace.

These tiny chanclas got more attention than the ones our Latina mothers threw at us

As Perez continues to ride the wave of success with her creation, the video reached 17 million views in almost a week.

Many users on TikTok are requesting other versions of the video with funny audios and even sharing their thoughts on how this design can make their lives easy.

Some compared the flip-flops with the models worn by some fictional cartoon characters.

“The chanclas look like Hercules’ shoes,” commented one person. Additionally, some shared their stories, highlighting the creativity of their family members.

“On a serious note, I never thought of crochet shoes. I’m trying this for my daughter, who can’t wear regular shoes,” shared a TikTok user.

Another one added: “OMG, reminds me of my nephew, who made my oldest son some flip-flops out of cardboard, and he was only a few weeks old.”

Meanwhile, many commented on how cute the baby looked with his new shoes: “OMG, those are adorable. He’s a handsome little fellow. God bless him.”