We know us Latinos are always doing the most. Whether it’s bedazzling our very-much-earned graduation caps, throwing quinceañeras for our dogs (A.K.A. our children), getting seriously romanticones with our Instagram captions, or becoming bridezillas 894 days before the wedding, f we can’t be extra, then we don’t want to be anything at all.

When it comes to parties, we’re just as over-the-top, especially when it comes to centerpieces. While we always thought the norm consisted of huge, elaborate, D.I.Y. arreglos de mesa for every birthday and random family get-togethers, apparently it’s not! Either way, we decided to round up the most extra Latino centerpieces on TikTok that we want to recreate stat — and just like this guy, you can bet we’re taking them home with us once the party’s over.

1. If you’re obsessed with Stitch, this is the over-the-top centerpiece for you.

A Stitch and Angel centerpiece made completely out of super-affordable Dollar Tree supplies? We must be on an alien planet because this party decor idea is out of this world.

2. These Disney princess centerpieces are as cute as they are extra.

While the creators of these gorgeous Disney princess centerpieces say they aren’t professionals, we think they’re some of the best we’ve ever seen. Each globo is filled with different colored balloons, with each table getting its own princess theme. Kids will love this one!

3. D.I.Y. Chanel? Yes, please.


Who needs a real Chanel purse when you can make your own cute centerpiece? Fill your “Chanel bag” with faux flowers for over-the-top table decor that works great for Mother’s Day or birthdays.

4. A good quinceañera floral arrangement just hits different.

A quick stop at 99 Cents Only Stores led to this TikToker making one of the prettiest floral centerpieces we’ve seen, including a Cinderella-esque mirror and butterflies. Even better? While huge, it will still let guests see the other side of the table (minor detail!).

5. Arreglos de mesa come Christmastime are always over-the-top, it’s a Latino rule.

Nochebuena isn’t Nochebuena without festive table decor that will make your tías jealous, we said what we said! This centerpiece is 100% made out of Dollar Tree items, but it looks expensive and we love it.

6. Personalized centerpieces make (almost) getting to “dirty 30” a little bit funner.

Whether or not you long passed 29, we highly recommend celebrating your birthday por todo lo alto with some extra AF centerpiece action. So many unique, re-creatable ideas here— and we love all of them.

7. We didn’t know we needed a Pulparindo table centerpiece until now.

Did someone say Pulparindo… table… centerpiece? This decor idea is perfect for any dulcero’s birthday party and the big balloon with confetti at the center makes it adorable.

8. These first communion centerpieces aren’t just extra— they also have Ferrero Rocher.


🤩arreglos de mesa para primera comunión 🙏🏻de mi hijo🥰

♬ Su Primera Comunión – Canciones Y Cuentos Infantiles

Let’s just say it: if a first communion table centerpiece with Ferrero Rocher is wrong, we don’t want to be right. These D.I.Y. arreglos de mesa are made out of big silver planters, decked out with crosses, and finished off with some of the best chocolates ever.

9. These decked-out, purple, lit-up centerpieces are everything we would have wanted for our own quinceañeras.

We love to see this mother and daughter duo making these amazing metallic quinceañera centerpieces themselves, which turned out gorgeous with sparkly lights, flowers, and butterflies.

10. Our nieces and nephews would flip out over these huge Peppa Pig centerpieces.

If your kids, nieces, nephews, or nietos love Peppa Pig, we just found the best birthday party centerpiece for them. This video teaches you how to D.I.Y. it, and it makes for the nicest detalle.

11. Don’t want a quince? Latino families will just throw “a little get-together.”


As this TikToker explains, their niece didn’t want a quinceañera… so the family decided to throw her one because, well, Latino families. While we wonder how she reacted, the party set-up is gorgeous— including these very extra balloon table centerpieces.

12. Okay, these vaquero-inspired centerpieces might have just won us over. So cute!

If you have a little vaquerito in your life that has your heart, whether your son, nephew, or nieto, these cowboy-inspired centerpieces are every bit as over-the-top as they are adorable. Just grab some wooden platters and decorate them with items from your local Hobby Lobby— everyone will want to take these home!

13. If you want a sparkly, extra AF centerpiece all your guests will 100% take home with them, this is the one.

Another idea that’s very much reusable? These table centerpieces combine two clear candle holders with a foam ball and some faux roses — all you need to create over-the-top yet beautiful recuerdos. We’re spraying them at the end with glitter spray paint, because of course we are.