Let’s face it: avocados are a godsend. The creamy, nutty, buttery fruit pairs perfectly with practically everything.

But while avocados may be a magical fruit, they’re certainly not a cheap one. Keeping your fridge stocked with this delicious fruit is an expensive habit — particularly because avocados go bad so quickly. 

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But luckily, the internet has come up with a solution to the problem of rapidly rotting avocados. The answer? Store them in a fridge submerged in water. 

Yeah, you read that right. On February 17, 2022, a woman named Lisa Couch Williams took to Facebook to share the cooking hack to end all cooking hacks.

Screenshot via Lisa Couch Williams, Facebook

“Avocado lovers sit down because I’m about to change your life,” she wrote. “Did y’all already know this? Avocados stay good for freaking ever if you put them in water in the fridge. These have been in here for two whole dang weeks while the control group on the countertop rotted. They’re perfect. I’m speechless. If y’all knew and didn’t tell me, Imma be big mad.”

Naturally, the post went viral, with people spreading the good avocado news to every corner of the internet. 

The consensus? This hack works

“That putting avocado in water hack thing has changed my life,” wrote one Twitter user. “This is honestly the best hack I’ve found from Facebook posts,” wrote another. “Had an avocado in water for 3 weeks and was still perfect.”

The hack works by protecting the fruit from oxidizing. Avocados turn brown due to exposure to oxygen in the air. Their chemical makeup makes them oxidize quicker than other fruits. When the fruit is exposed to oxygen, the phenolic compounds in avocados convert to quinones, resulting in a chemical reaction that makes them turn brown.

But when avocados are stored in water, the water protects the avocado flesh from oxygen, keeping it from oxidizing. 

Here’s how Twitter reacted to this life-changing avocado hack.

Some people went above and beyond by sharing their own mini-hacks to up-level the original one.

Of course, some Twitter users shared their own cautionary tales of how they failed when they tried out this hack for themselves:

Note to self: make sure you completely cover them in H2O!

Another note to self: make sure your refrigerator isn’t too cold.

And, of course, there were the endless amounts of people praising this hack to the high heavens:

Some people say the internet has made society worse, but based on the benefits of this hack alone, it’s open to discussion. What problem will the internet solve next?