As many of us prepare to resume life as it once was and go back into the office, or workplace, there are many things that people aren’t looking forward to. Whether it’s that coworker that doesn’t clean up after themselves or the one who is a bit too chismoso and likes to ask about your personal life, everyone has something — or someone — in the workplace they’d rather do without. 

But a big issue affecting workplaces is lunch theft. We’ve all experienced it before. Those perfect leftovers from Sunday’s carne asada or the Chipotle from yesterday’s lunch are patiently waiting for you — then *bam*, they’re gone because a coworker ate them. Well, TikTokers are coming up with an idea to finally get coworkers to stop eating your food.

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Drumroll please: add picante. 

The user at the handle @the_professional9 posted a video on TikTok with text that reads “someone keeps eating my hidden Chipotle so I order the Chorizo and crushed a ghost pepper in it.”The TikToker then looks at the camera while someone coughs in the background.  

In the comments, many people could relate to the story and shared their experiences with lunch theft at the workplace. One user suggested, “Should’ve said ‘my chipotle spicy today isn’t it.” 

Another user commented that he once wrote that he licked his food on a box in the past, and coworkers got mad at him while trying to steal his food. Other users lamented some people think it’s okay to steal their coworkers’ food without permission. 

But be careful before trying this at work because some users commented one could face legal trouble if they did this to someone else. Some said it might even qualify as assault and carry a hefty prison sentence. But others said it wouldn’t count because the person would be stealing your lunch. 

And this trend seems to be catching on, with others posting similar videos on TikTok. Now, whether it is a made up TikTok trend or the real deal is hard to decipher. That said, lunch thieves everywhere might want to take this as a warning before getting an unwanted dose of spicy chile in their lives.