Quinceañera celebrations are among the top favorites of Latinos, and let’s face it — we’ve seen it all. From epic entrances to some quinceañeras swapping gifts for food at their parties, quinces are a rite of passage for sure.

For guests, the party is just as much of a surprise. Many now show up not knowing what’s in store for them. Will the quinceñera ride in on a horse? How big will her dress be? And the most prominent question of all: what will they feed us?

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For one particular quinceañera and her parents, creativity — or maybe nostalgia — won. Instead of a typical Mexican buffet or Chicken Cordon bleu, she served Maruchan Instant Soup to her guests.

People loved the idea of the instant soup, sharing their own unique quince foods

TikTok user Adriana Coronado shared the clip of the famed Maruchan Instant Soup dinner. In the video, you can see how the team at the banquet hall prepped all the instant soups given to guests. While this may not be heard of in the United States, a quick TikTok search shows it is popular in some Latin American countries.

Many in the comments said they loved the idea of serving instant soup to guests. Some even shared what ingredients they’d add to take it to another level.

One person commented, “With a little tapatio and lemon they’re bomb,” while another said, “birria ramen.”

Someone even added how they’d had pizza at one quince.

“[T]he one I went to, was serving little Cesar’s pizza and soda,” the TikTok user added.

Others celebrated the genius idea, recalling how families have to do what they can afford to do.

“Wow that’s awesome!! You got it do what you got [to] do. It’s all about your […] quinceañera having the time of her life with friends & family,” a user asserted.