Quinces are a significant rite of passage for girls within the Latino community. Almost every girl and her mother dream of the day they get to this event. For Mia Giménez, her quinces were going to be something memorable. Enter the popular Netflix show “Wednesday.” 

Not only did the show captivate audiences globally, but it also served as inspiration for Giménez’s party. Her mother, Natalia Ruiz, understood her daughter’s wishes and, like any mother, wanted to deliver on her promise. 

She explains to mitú that the show was something that they both enjoyed watching together. Despite their pact to watch it together, the 35-year-old mom noted that Giménez “cheated” and finished the show before she could.


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“Wednesday” wasn’t the original theme for the party

After the party, Ruiz took to TikTok to share videos of her daughter’s quinces. People on the internet had opinions about it. While some praised her daughter for her choice of theme, others were less supportive.

Ruiz notes that “Wednesday,” sometimes called “Merlina” in some Spanish-speaking countries, wasn’t her daughter’s original plan for her party.

“From the beginning, Mia wanted to do a Beauty and the Beast-themed birthday, since her birthdays were themed after princesses,” the supportive mom explains.

Used with permission from Natalia Ruiz

As for the decorations? That took a bit of homework on behalf of the mother-daughter duo.

She notes, “We watched the ‘Merlina/Wednesday’ series a bunch of times to see what we see and get ideas for themes. We also watched the ‘Addams Family’ films to see what ideas we could get from there.”

The proud mom also said that the decorations were an overall family affair — much like the adventures of the Addams Family themselves.

“The ornaments and decorations for the party were made by my mom Natalia, who received help from uncles, grandparents and people very close to Mia who were aware of the theme of her party,” Ruiz points out.

She notes that Giménez’s dad grew a beard and then shaved it to mirror Gomez Addams’ mustache. Her brother also shaved his hair to look like Uncle Fester, while another uncle dressed up like Lurch and wheeled Gimenez into the party in a coffin.

Mia didn’t feel any fear rolling into her party in a coffin

In true quinces fashion, Giménez’s entrance was one to remember. The 15-year-old teen had made her grand entry in a custom-made coffin they had made for the party.

“I got the idea for the coffin entrance from the scene in which [Wednesday] is at the morgue, and she tells Thing to let her rest a while longer as she was just getting comfortable,” Giménez explains.

Used with permission from Natalia Ruiz

And, because she is a young woman standing in her power, she owned her one-of-a-kind entrance.

She says, “When I went to measure the coffin, it gave me a little feeling of uneasiness, but it was what I wanted so no fear [or] anxiety at the party.”

Ever the supportive parent, Ruiz went with it as well. 

Ruiz continues, “I didn’t take it as a bad thing. It was a party. It was for a little while to make the entrance, although she did want to put it in her room as an ornament.”

“Those who knew about the theme did not agree (but since they wanted to participate they had to accept what she wanted). Every year we [only get to] celebrate once, but 15 is something different. We tried to do everything she wanted, even the electric chair that she sat in all night, and then all the guests took pictures,” she explains.