As they say, you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain — or, live long enough to see strawberries being sold for $80 a jar.

Flamingo Estate, which started as a “lush orchard” on the hills of Los Angeles and has now become a collective of more than 100 farms, is once again selling their cult-fave Spicy Strawberries. What makes these strawberries “worth their weight in gold,” you may ask? Well, for all intents and purposes, they look pretty delicious. But they’re $80 for a 6.5 oz. jar of strawberries with chile, sal, y limón… so we have thoughts.

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Can this farm’s “most requested” spicy strawberries really be worth $80?

Flamingo Estate’s spicy strawberries are sourced from the Japanese family-run Oxnard, CA farm Harry’s Berries, who are known to produce some of the sweetest berries in the country. As the estate itself explained, Harry’s Berries “only grow deep red, low acidity berries” that are “juicier” than average. They only grow “delicate varieties,” and well, they do sound pretty perfect. The estate then dries the farm’s strawberries and combines them with lime, salt, and a dusting of Guajillo chile from the women-owned Boonville Barn Collective.

What do you think about the $80 spicy strawberry jars?

It seems like the $80 price tag comes from Harry’s Berries having a lower harvest this year because of environmental conditions. Still, the “chewy, juicy” and “addictive” berries seem to have always been $80. For example, a review from eight months ago said they were “good” but questioned the “$80” price tag (yup, us too). While other reviewers raved about the berries, with one saying they make “a nice margarita garnish” as well, one asserted: “Not worth the price.”

Over on Flamingo Estate’s IG, the vast majority of people are gushing over the product, with one proclaiming, “This is the new luxury ❤️” (why is this giving “Mad Max”?). Still, one user questioned the price, commenting, “80 dollars again?😕”

The estate replied that each jar uses “two pounds” of organic, sustainable strawberries, and “the price reflects the time it has taken to produce them” in the “right” way. Still, as that same user later replied back, “The country and in fact the world is in crisis. 80 dollar strawberries just seems remarkably oblivious at best.”

Another user sort-of-laughed, but also agreed: “All I can say is, these had better be PERFECT. 😂”

The estate does call them “nature’s rubies”— and they’re priced like ’em!