Strawberries have always been a part of Mayra’s life. The first-generation Latina college graduate began the most formative aspects of her life in the womb, in her mother’s belly as she moved in and around the rows of strawberry fields on a farm. While eventually, Mayra’s desire to pursue a degree in business administration and accounting pulled her away from the farm she found her way back. She took all that she learned and used it to star Golden State Farms, now her family’s business which grows strawberries on dozens of acres on the central valley coast.   

Mayra now owns Golden State Farms in Santa Maria, California.

Mayra kickstarted her family’s business in 2014 and got to work helping her siblings master the skills to produce the perfect-tasting strawberries. Now, her brother works as the head of transportation, her sisters help work the fields, operate the brand’s social media pages, and do other administrative jobs here and there. Now the family sells strawberries across the country and even sells them as chocolate-covered.

Today Mayra’s parents guide in answering the family’s questions about farming and quality control. 

Speaking about her dreams and achievements, Mayra told California Strawberries that she believes with hard work anything is possible and that “el sol sale par todo el mundo.” Or “The sun comes out for everybody.” Essentially, she’s a strong believer in the notion that if she and her family were able to make their dreams anyway one can and they are willing to do what they can to help the field workers in their lives do the same. “Our crew is like family to us, and many have been with us since the beginning.”