We’re not freaking out, you’re freaking out: fast-food chain Jack in the Box has just acquired Tex-Mex favorite Del Taco for a head-turning $575 million, joining together to have a total of 2,800 restaurants across the United States.

While the deal brought Del Taco’s stock up an impressive 66%, many are left wondering if their favorite Mexican fast food chain is a goner. While Jack in the Box is known for offering a slightly-random mix of food items, ranging from burgers to salads and chicken nuggets, Del Taco focuses on Mexican favorites like tacos, quesadillas, and very-craveable cinnamon churros (especially at 1:00 a.m.).

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While Jack in the Box CEO Darin Harris sees the acquisition as “a natural combination of two like-minded, challenger brands,” Del Taco lovers are far from convinced. Many took to Twitter to voice their opinions — and we have to say, we’re feeling pretty divided right about now.

One user simply described how confusing going to a Del Taco will be in the future:

Definitely a lot more complicated than just saying you’re grabbing chili cheddar fries at the Del Taco at the corner. Others were particularly polarizing, especially in their opinions about Jack in the Box’s quality and what that means for Del Taco:

But not all is bad. Some Del Taco fans are actually excited about the collaboration, especially if that means their Del Taco favorites might be headed to Jack in the Box now. Case in point? Del Taco’s absolutely epic milkshakes:

Another possibility we’re salivating about? Jack in the Box replacing their slightly subpar tacos with Del Taco’s offerings, spreading good Mexican food cheer all around:

The move would be Thanos-esque indeed. But let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: will Del Taco’s fiery, mouth-scorching, perfect sauces be affected by the corporate decision?

Let’s not even go there. Even more users are questioning Jack in the Box’s purchase altogether, suspecting it wasn’t well thought-out at all. Just like the best of us have gotten back from a night of clubbing and bought something expensive on eBay (like a signed band tee or a box set of your favorite childhood TV show), Twitter users think Jack in the Box was similarly under the influence:

While we can never be too sure, all we hope is that we get more Del Taco’s across the United States, and that the chain’s Crunchtadas® never, ever change.