In-N-Out Burger is arguably more famous for its secret menu than it is for its regular one. It’s a no-frills burger chain that offers the classics, but it’s the secret menu items that keep customers coming back.

Who can deny a box of Animal Fries? Who can resist the occasional 4×4? Even if the answer to those questions is “nobody,” would you say the same about a 100×100? Because a group of hungry customers in Las Vegas accepted the challenge and lived to tell the tale.

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In 2004, an unprecedented 100×100 changed In-N-Out forever

According to a 2006 Blogspot post from the brave hero who dared to live life differently, the night didn’t really begin until a group of eight people entered a Las Vegas In-N-Out after a night of partying.

On Halloween night 2004, several friends who kept saying they should order a 100×100 at In-N-Out, followed through and made their dreams a reality. “We went to go chowdown,” they wrote about the group, which included Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, who died in 2020.

Up to that point, the staff of that particular In-N-Out said their largest order before that night was a 24×24. This one was five times bigger.

In the blog post, the writer clarifies that the 100×100 doesn’t have 100 buns. No, this behemoth burger was 100 beef patties topped with cheese sandwiched between two buns. Then, the group went to work.

All in all, the burger cost nearly $100!

Three of the eight attendees there had dinner before going to In-N-Out, so they only ate about six patties each. The writer and another person each ate 20 patties while the other three group members finished the rest.

However, the most shocking thing about this endeavor isn’t the fact that eight people collectively ate 100 burgers. No, it’s that a few of the burgers in the middle were utterly raw. But they ate them anyway!

Regardless, only one person threw up — “Way to go Elena!” the blog reads — but everyone agreed they wouldn’t eat In-N-Out for a long time after that.

The burger chain soon banned the 100×100 burger

Even though In-N-Out no longer allows customers to order a 100×100, fast food enthusiasts worldwide still try to bend the menu’s rules as much as possible.

Here’s a video of some TikTokers trying to order the most expensive Wendy’s burger possible.

There’s also the Whopper with extra cheese.

And the unforgettable “Huge Mac.”

If these culinary catastrophes prove everything, it’s that rules really are made to be broken.