Latinos are nothing if not innovators— we grew up watching our abuelitas use “Vivaporu” (A.K.A. Vicks VapoRub) on everything from pimples to scrapes, and who can argue how useful vinegar is on literally any household surface? In our homes, t-shirts go from garment to hand-me-down, to hand-me-down twice-removed, and soon enough, it will become a rag your mami uses to clean the kitchen counter— or your dad uses to wash the car with. So much so the t-shirt rags we’ve seen in our garage can compete with history museum-level artifacts, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

This brings us to the latest TikTok trend: making different foods and drinks using a simple coffee maker. While some TikTok hacks are questionable — at least thinking about their actual practicality —the Latino community continues to find incredible uses for coffee makers, and we want to try all of them.

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1. Agua de Jamaica

If you’re an agua de Jamaica lover, consider yourself in good company (or should we say “spa water”? Eek). We love aguas frescas and are obsessed with the idea of easily making it in our coffee makers. In the words of creator @jocidelgadolifts, this works “like a charm.”

2. Esquites


¿Tienes cafetera en la oficina? 🌽 Aquí va este hack Godín #esquites #cafetera #godin #oficina

♬ Camping – Ian Post

We thought we had learned the most useful kitchen hack when we caught wind of shredding carnitas with a standing or hand mixer, but we were wrong. Move over, shredding trick— this hack for making esquites in a coffee maker just blew our minds. Just add some tajín!

3. Scrambled Eggs


Responder a @dphilo Huevos revueltos en la cafetera! qué otra cosa podemos cocinar?#estudihambre #cocinaparaestudihambres #buevitoconcatsun

♬ Send Me on My Way – Vibe Street

While we cool off from watching that insane esquites-in-a-coffee-maker tip, this hack is almost just as impressive. TikToker Keiko Ls took to the platform to share the easiest recipe for students— or “estudihambres”— and we doubt many people ever thought about quickly making scrambled eggs using a coffee machine.

4. Jalapeños

This hack doesn’t exactly involve a recipe per se, and it might make your future coffee taste a little off— or what do we know, maybe coffee and jalapeños is the combination we needed in our lives. Either way, Instagram user @danielmorenooo showed that you can use a French press to store your jalapeños, much in the way your mom’s divided Tupperware container works (the one that’s about 25 years old). Works to easily grab pickles too all the while not having to stick your hands in the juice!

5. Ramen


How to make Ramen in* a coffee maker college hacks that never got to use 😭 #stayhomestaystrong #collegememories #voiceover #food #ramen #random

♬ Big Up’s (feat. Yung Nnelg) – Jordyn, Nic Da Kid

OK, so now we’re officially closing our laptop: ramen… can be made in a coffee maker. Really! TikTok user @sterliling is a genius, showing us all how to place your instant ramen in the pot, pour water into the machine, and watch the magic happen. Extra points for mushrooms, bell peppers, and some eggs for the perfect weeknight lunch or dinner.

6. Heating Tea

What did we say about Latinos being innovadores no matter the situation? This TikToker explains that she was staying at a hotel with no access to a microwave, and her tea got cold. Not to worry— you can use a coffee maker to reheat any liquid, including your favorite green tea.

7. Salmon and Vegetables

This one we had to see to believe— and while we haven’t tried it yet, it seems like you can actually make perfect salmon, zucchini, and broccoli in a coffee machine. As this TikTok user explains, coffee makers can cook your dinner all the way through. The more you know!

8. Fried Egg


#tiktokhacks #aprendeentiktok ¿Te cortaron el gas y queres un huevo frito? Hacelo más sano en la cafetera! 🤭

♬ Vida de Rico – Camilo

Just like that unbelievable scrambled egg hack, you can also make a fried egg just using your coffee maker. Set to the rhythm of Camilo’s addictive “Vida de Rico,” this video shows how you should simply place a bit of aluminum foil at the base, and cook the fried egg directly on that (no pot required). One and done.

9. Lastly, Making Nespresso Coffee With No Pods Is Possible— Just Add Some Pilón

While this last video might not exactly be an unexpected coffee maker recipe, it does show you how to get Pilón coffee using a Nespresso machine— and what can be better than that? When you’re in a pinch and ran out of pods, fill a used pod with any ground coffee, cover it with aluminum foil, and stick it in the machine business as usual!