Suena las alarmas — 4/20 is quickly approaching, and we need all the sustenance we can get if we’re celebrating properly.

Yes, we’re talking about the munchies… and not just any food will do if it’s national Weed Day. While we would usually be A-okay with some Flamin’ Hot Cheetos or even a box of Krispy Kreme donuts (especially if the “Hot Now” light is on), 4/20 calls for something even more special.

Luckily, Wingstop just unveiled the 4/20 meal to end all 4/20 meals… and can we just say we want to eat our screen right about now? Officially landing in Wingstop locations nationwide on April 18 running until April 22, the chain’s celebratory “Glazed and Blazed” flavor is designed to make your high that much better (and tastier).

While the new wings are definitely weed-inspired, they have no CBD or THC in them. Instead, they feature hemp seeds, terpenes (compounds found in cannabis), sweet strawberry flavors and cayenne pepper because Wingstop knows we need some spice. 

No matter if cannabis is legal in your state, Wingstop’s “Glazed and Blazed” flavor can be enjoyed anywhere… whether you’re properly celebrating 4/20 or not.

About the limited edition wings, Chief Growth Officer Marisa Carona said, “while many brands are starting to give a nod to 4/20, we’re going higher than ever this year by dedicating an entire flavor to it.” We love to see it!

As expected, Wingstop fans are pumped about the release — although as one Redditor posted, “terps in the wing sauce” is still sort of hilarious. Meanwhile, one Twitter user is taking matters into their own hands: “I need to try this blazed & glazed with my own weed oil on it tonight.” We love a good do-it-yourself project!