One father from Tamaulipas, Mexico just got himself in the running for the “World’s Greatest Dad” award — and it’s all for his daughter’s love of Barbie.

Eleazar Rodriguez Hernandez, who works at a towing company in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, shared a Facebook post that went absolutely viral. Why? Well, for wearing matching pink outfits with his daughter to watch the “Barbie” movie. And yes, that includes an adorable tutu skirt.

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Rodriguez Hernandez posted photos of himself wearing a pink tutu, tank top, and furry, sparkly Western hat. In the post, he explained how his daughter told him, “Dad, take me to watch the ‘Barbie’ movie but wear something pink.”

The proud dad recalled how his daughter thought twice about her request. “Or are you embarrassed?” she asked.

Not a chance. He replied, “I think the one that’s going to be embarrassed is her 🤣.”

Captioning the post with #BarbieGirl, it’s no wonder some social media users are now referring to the dad as a “legend.”

The dad dressed in a tutu with his daughter to watch the “Barbie” movie: “She was so happy”

Rodriguez Hernandez’s initial Facebook post amassed thousands of likes, with one user commenting, “So beautiful. This will be a great memory.”

Another added, “Super dad. Someone who does anything it takes to make his princess happy.”

Yet another commenter wrote, “No one will be able to take this memory from your daughter, or erase it from her heart. Congratulations. Amazing man!”

Over on TikTok, Rodriguez Hernandez’s wife, Alejandra Ortiz, posted a video with more family photos of them attending the “Barbie” screening.


lo que sea por nuestra niña🥰 estoy orgullosa de ti por ese gran acto de amor🥹🩷 creando bellos recuerdos👨‍👩‍👧 #papabarbie #nuevolaredo🇲🇽 @gruaelgrillo

♬ Rosa Pastel – Belanova

Ortiz captioned her post with, “[We do] whatever it takes for our daughter.”

She then directed her caption to her husband: “I am proud of you for this great act of love. Making beautiful memories #PapáBarbie.” Our hearts.

The mom’s video shows several photos they took at home after dressing in pink outfits to watch the movie. While her husband and daughter wore matching light pink tutus and fuchsia tops, she wore an all-pink outfit that included a “Barbie” t-shirt.

The photos show how Rodriguez Hernandez got inspired by Margot Robbie’s now-iconic Western outfit in the movie and wore a cowboy hat. Meanwhile, their daughter accessorized her adorable look with rosy heart sunglasses.

The happy family also took selfies in the car, as well as a few snaps at a “Barbie”-themed photo-op at the movie theater. The best photo? Dad and daughter ordering popcorn at the concession stand in matching tutus. This is Barbie World now, and this dad is just living in it.

The “legendary” dad said wearing a tutu “doesn’t make you more or less of a man”

Over on his Facebook page, Rodriguez Hernandez set the facts straight about dressing up like Barbie with his daughter.

While the dad’s pictures have gone viral, he clarified why he posted them in the first place. “Jokes aside, I shared those posts without the intention of standing out.”

“I just did what my daughter wanted, to go out dressed the same,” he explained. “I would do anything for her.”

Rodriguez Hernandez also shared his thoughts on toxic masculinity, especially when it comes to dressing in traditionally “feminine” clothing and the color pink.

“Trust me, a tutu and dressing in pink doesn’t make you more or less of a man.”

“I did this for my daughter and she was so happy,” he explained.

As one person wrote on Ortiz’s TikTok post: “This girl just won at life.” Another agreed, “These are incredible parents, she will have a great childhood and will be a very secure, happy adult.”

Yet another TikTok user posted that this story got her “right in the heart” — and same.

Several dads are joining in on the heartwarming trend and embracing “Barbie” fever

Over on social media, people keep sharing sweet moments showing how dads are just as Barbie-obsessed as the rest of us.

For one, a Twitter user wrote that he saw a father and his three daughters watching “Barbie” in theaters— and they all wore pink:

Meanwhile, a dad on TikTok shared a funny skit about being “more of a Barbie fan” than his wife and daughters (A+ for the Barbie-pink outfit and wig!):


cuando mi esposa y mis hijas se quieren ir a ver la película de Barbíe sin mi 🤭 yo soy más fans de Barbíe que ellas 🤭🤭 #peliculabarbie #barbiegirl #esposa #hijas #humor #comedia #risas #barbie

♬ sonido original – Jhonny portela- ¡Qué palta on!

Another father-daughter duo shared their sweet outing going to see “Barbie” in matching t-shirts:

While yet another proud daughter showed how her dad dressed in a full-out Western Ken outfit to go watch the movie with her. Extra points for Ryan Gosling’s “I’m Just Ken” as background music, this dad asking movie theater employees for the special “Barbie Box,” and for the selfie at the end:


And the Best Dad Award goes to this Ken for joining me on my wacky adventures! Put this together less than 24hrs before the event lol 🤣💜 #dad #dads #barbie #ken #imjustken #barbiemovie #barbieoutfit #kenoutfit #cosplay #fatherdaughter #sewing #puertorican #hispanic #fringe

♬ original sound – Kartsie

And last but not least, we present to you the dad who opens all his texts with “Hi Barbie” now: