Are you dying to watch the “Barbie” movie and really want to wear an outfit that fits the Barbieland theme? Well, look no further than the quinceañera dress that’s sitting in the back of your closet. What better time to rewear it than now?

Quinceañera dresses are notoriously sparkly, cloud-like with tons of tulle, and fit for a princess. Can anything pass the “Barbie” vibe check better? We don’t think so. It makes sense that many people are wearing their old quince gowns to watch the “Barbie” movie in theaters, as reported by several people on social media. We love to see it!

As one Twitter user wrote, they are “so obsessed with all the people who are wearing their quinceañera dress to go see Barbie”… as are we. In fact, TikTok user @soulnhearttt is going absolutely viral for wearing her quince dress to watch the movie with her friend — calling it the “best decision” ever.

These BFFs wore their quinceañera dresses to watch “Barbie” and said their lives “completely changed”

Two friends went viral on TikTok for showing how they wore their quinceañera dresses to watch “Barbie” last weekend.

TikTok account @soulnhearttt posted a video of the moment that has since amassed more than two million views. She explained in the clip, “We decided to wear our quince dresses to the ‘Barbie’ movie.”

Calling it the “best decision [they] ever made,” the user showed off her and her friend’s gorgeous pink and blue gowns. They both spun around in their frothy, sparkly quinceañera dresses by the concession stand, and let’s say we’re obsessed. Can we make this a worldwide trend? Please and thank you!

The TikTok user posted another video walking to the movie theater in her tiara and pink quince gown, which has seriously beautiful detailing:

The friends posted yet another clip of them leaving the movie theater in their sparkly crowns, jewelry, and gowns, writing, “Our life has completely changed after watching Barbie.” After that mic-dropping America Ferrera monologue (IYKYK), we get it.


our life has competely changed after watching Barbie 😛 #fyp #barbie #barbiemovie #vegas #xyzbca

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Adorably enough, another video shows that the pals actually got inspired by the 2004 movie “Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper.” The two main characters wear blue and pink princess gowns that are pretty similar to the dresses the BFFs wore to the movies:

Tons of people are joining in on the trend and wearing their quince gowns to watch the movie, too

While TikTok user @soulnhearttt went viral for wearing her quinceañera dress to watch “Barbie,” it seems like many people are following suit.

One Twitter user posted their own quinceañera outfit, writing, “This Barbie is a quinceañera!” This is giving Quinceañera Teresa doll vibes and we love to see it. Glowing!

TikToker @urfav.angelica also posted a video wearing her quince gown to see the “Barbie” movie. She wrote, “POV: You wear your quinceañera dress to the ‘Barbie’ movie just to have an excuse to wear it.” There was never a better excuse!

The very-relatable user explained, “I’ll take any chance to wear that dress.”

Yet another TikTok user wore her old quince gown to see the movie, writing, “I have never been called iconic more times in my life than at this movie.”

She told her followers, “Highly recommend wearing your old quinceañera dress to ‘Barbie’ opening night.” Furry pink cowboy hat not included, but a 10-out-of-10 in our books!

Over on Twitter, many people are reporting tons of quinceañera dress sightings at the movies. As one person said, “It was so cute to see.”

Another talked about being very inspired by the trend:

While yet another movie watcher described the beautiful scene at the theater. “Everyone had beautiful outfits, with heels, Western hats, crowns, a guy went in a quinceañera dress and a Barbie in his hand.”

One Twitter user noted how “beautiful it was to see all those women in their quinceañera dresses”:

Us? We’re just getting inspired by Quinceañera Teresa until further notice: