If you feel like 2023 may have started on a strange note (Bad Bunny phone fiasco, anyone?), one heartwarming video might change that.

A 7-year-old boy from Turbo Antioquia, Colombia just went viral for his adorable reaction to receiving a Barbie for Christmas. His older sister Geraldine sat down with mitú to talk about putting the boy’s happiness first, and simply giving him “the toy he wants.”

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All about the viral Christmas TikTok video

As shown in the video that’s sure to put a smile on your face, 7-year-old Salomón got exactly what he wanted for Christmas. The clip shows him unwrapping the gift with pure excitement, ripping off the paper once he realizes he got a Barbie. Salomón smiles wide, laughs, and yells “yay!” as he becomes even more ecstatic upon realizing it’s actually a Barbie Color Reveal doll.

Salomón’s older sister, Geraldine Hernandez, posted the video on TikTok, captioning it with, “All to see you happy my boy ❤️🎄.” She also wrote text on the video that read, “He asked God for a Barbie and he got it, we’re not here for stigmas.”

Since being posted on Christmas Day 2022, the video has amassed almost 4 million views and more than 500,000 likes. Countless users are applauding the family’s move, with one commenting, “a child raised with genuine love ❤️.” Another recalled their own childhood experience: “This is for all the boys who weren’t allowed to ask for dolls when we were kids.”

The family didn’t see “anything wrong” and say all that matters is the boy’s happiness

Meanwhile, Hernandez told mitú that they decided to give Salomón a Barbie because “he always liked brushing his mom’s hair and mine.” Fast-forward to this Christmas 2022, and Salomón asked for a Barbie doll alongside his girl cousins.

Hernandez describes, “My mom and I didn’t see anything wrong because we know he is simply a child and doesn’t see malice in what he likes or what he wants to play with.” For the Colombian family, “what matters is that the boy is happy with the toy he wants.”

The older sister seems 100% on board with her mother, who she says “never saw certain toys as taboo.” In fact, Geraldine recalls her mother saying, “If my son likes it, what matters is that he is happy no matter what others say.”

As for certain people criticizing the family’s decision to give their son a Barbie? They’re just people “who think they have the right to judge.”

Hernandez explained, “It has not been easy because many people… think we are indoctrinating him to be ‘gay’ but that’s untrue, we just let him be who he is.”

She describes her younger brother as “very happy” and “super intelligent,” but says “all that matters” is that he “grows up happy with a family that loves him for who he is.” The family wants him to always feel “love and acceptance” from them and for him to know they will “always support him.”

As for Salomón? He is very pumped about the video going viral, particularly because TikTok stars like Mirandah, Doris Jocelyn, and Daniela Rodrice saw and commented on it. Geraldine laughed, “You don’t know how happy he got when he saw [they] commented.”