Canelo Alvarez may be an all-time boxing legend, but his recent sit-down interview with mitú shows he’s just like us. Ahead of his Superbowl Michelob Ultra commercial alongside other greats like Serena Williams, the boxer told us about his favorite michelada ingredients, best hangover tip, and his trials and tribulations learning English.

Canelo is a beer fan — and loves a good, refreshing michelada

There’s no doubt Canelo’s appearance in the golf-themed Superbowl commercial is immediately-legendary, delivering ice cold Michelob Ultras from a red cart. Plus, his staring contest with a golf ball helps drive it into the hole — the boxer’s secret hole-in-one tactic, perhaps? Either way, the best part of all is that Canelo is truly a big Michelob Ultra fan, particularly in his micheladas.

Canelo told mitú that he loves a good michelada made out of tajín, salsa Maggi, salt, Clamato and near-freezing Michelob Ultra. And his favorite hangover cure after too many Superbowl micheladas? Simple: “three more” beers to level things out. An icon.

The boxing great used to feel “embarrassed” speaking English

Apart from beer talk, Canelo also talked to us about his experience learning English. He told us he once felt “embarrassed” speaking the language, because he learned “a lo random” just listening to his friends and “trying to understand” them. Eventually, though, he realized: “If I make a mistake, what’s the problem?”

The boxer said he still finds it “difficult” pronouncing many words, so he says them another way. While he’s thinking of formally studying English to “improve his pronunciation,” he isn’t too worried, either. Why? As Canelo puts it, no one should feel embarrassed speaking English because “you’re learning a second language, and most people only know one.”

Plus, Canelo said “many people value you” speaking the language, and “the only way to learn” is making mistakes.

Canelo’s dream Superbowl halftime show is epic

Moreover, Canelo explained that his favorite things to say in English are the “bad words” (from the trash talk alone, we know). Still, he has another unexpected phrase he says a lot: “It is what it is.” A philosophical king!

The boxer also told us his surprising nickname for wife Fernanda: Cucha. Fittingly, she calls him Cucho ever since they cemented their relationship after a year-long talking stage.

As we await the Superbowl, we had to ask Canelo what his favorite halftime show would look like. The Guadalajara-born star told us he would love to see “the best Mexican bands” there. His own favorites? Carin Leon, Grupo Firme, Beto Vega, and more. Canelo is very relatable after all!

Not mentioned this time around, but we’ll never forget Canelo’s love for Luis Miguel as well: