If you’re wondering where to go on your next vacation, you might want to consider Peru’s “La Cascada de la Novia,” a gorgeous waterfall that looks just like a bride in her wedding dress. People travel from all corners of the globe to see this wonder of the natural world. And there’s a pretty great story behind it, too.

The waterfall begins inside a cave on top of a large cliffside, cascading down through different grooves of rock formations below. For reasons beyond what we’re able to understand, every bit of rock below the cave creates the overall illusion of a bride wearing her wedding dress.

The result is something truly breathtaking. Located just outside of Cajamarca, check out some of the photos and videos people took while visiting La Cascada de la Novia.

The story behind Peru’s La Cascada de la Novia

According to a Peruvian tourism company, explorers only recently discovered the waterfall. However, the already-settled locals who live near the waterfall have a story behind what made this waterfall possible in the first place.

The tale goes:

“In times of yore, a couple of lovers, who loved each other deeply despite the rivalry of their families, decided to get married. But on the big day so special for both, the father of the bride took a rifle and [shot] the groom.”

The groom died instantly, which “caused the bride, wrapped in tears and with grief, to run out with her beautiful dress towards the mountains.” When she arrived there, “she could not bear the sadness of losing her beloved.”

So instead of returning home, “she made a pact with the Apu and the Pachamama, which turned [her] into a beautiful waterfall, so that everyone could appreciate [her] beauty for all eternity.” It’s pretty heavy stuff. However, it makes the waterfall all the more beautiful thinking that somebody’s soul exists within it.

Cajamarca isn’t the only place with a Bride’s Waterfall

The Bride’s Waterfall in Peru is easily the most fully formed of them all. However, there are others that exist around the world. For instance, there’s the Bridal Veil Falls in New South Wales, Australia. There’s one in Alberta, Canada as well as in British Columbia.

However, they all pale in comparison to the one in Peru. The image of the entire bride, veil and all, is what sets this one apart. The other falls look like a bride’s veil, but Cajamarca’s waterfall is the only one that actually looks like a real bride from head to toe.