With 2024 right around the corner, most of us are thinking about setting goals and resolutions for the new year. With nearly half of all United States adults looking to improve their physical and mental fitness in January, it’s clear that wellness is on everyone’s mind.

Wellness means something different to everyone. Whether it’s taking the time to invest in your mental health, getting better sleep, starting a new exercise regimen, or taking the most relaxing “everything” shower of your life.

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We’ve created this guide to Latino-owned wellness essentials for those who are planning on wearing blue underwear this NYE (IYKYK) and looking to make positive changes to their mind, body, and spirit in 2024. 

De La Heart’s Lymphatic Drainage Kit

Colombian wellness entrepreneur Gigi Vogel’s brand De La Heart started with her debut product, the Body Tool, featured in their lymphatic drainage kit. It’s an ergonomic tool made of ivory wood that helps fluids and toxins move through your lymph nodes. When used with their Organic Jojoba Oil or Lift & Tone Body Cream (both also included), it will even out your skin’s texture and keep it hydrated.

Eucalyptus Bath Salt Soak from Skinergy Beauty

Good for stress, achy joints, muscles, and colds, bathing in eucalyptus bath salts is a top-tier essential for your overall wellness. Skinergy Beauty founder Priscilla Jiminian knows that’s true. Their version of the bath salt includes eucalyptus essential oil, dried eucalyptus leaves, Himalayan pink salt, and Epsom salts.

J Balvin’s wellness app, OYE

There are a lot of options for wellness apps out there, but did you know that J Balvin co-founded one of his own? The bilingual app OYE was created with psychiatrist Carlos López and a team of experts. OYE guides users through reflections, emotional check-ins, and more. The app is free for the rest of 2023, and subscriptions will start on January 1 for $9.99 per month.

Loquita Bath and Body’s Shower Steamers

Loquita Bath and Body’s shower steamers for morning showerers, night showerers, and everyone in between. Blends of essential oils and fragrances will release into the steam, making you relaxed enough to end or start your day on a good note. 

CBD All-Over Salve from Herbas

Herbas' CBD All-Over Salve.
Image used with permission from Herbas.

Hailing from New York, Miriam Aristy-Farer founded Herbas to create natural and CBD-infused skin and body care products. Her moisturizing salve was her first product! It’s made of cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, herbs, and essential oils. It also has endless uses, including bug bites and pain relief.

“Get Rooted” by Robyn Moreno

The cover of Robyn Moreno's book, "Get Rooted."
Image used with permission from Robyn Moreno.

This memoir, manifesto, and manual by Emmy-nominated journalist Robyn Moreno follows her as she works through burnout and family drama. She goes on a nearly yearlong journey learning about Mexican healing practices, known as curanderismo, and her great-grandmother who practiced it. Moreno’s story will surely inspire others well into the new year.

Sage Bundle from Love & Flow Studio

The sage bundle from Love and Flow Studio.
Image used with permission from Love and Flow Studio

Cleansing the air and energy of your space is crucial for a fresh start. This sage bundle from Love & Flow Studio will keep you stocked up for a while. Primarily used to purify spaces, the indigenous practice of smudging can also benefit you when you’re sick to eliminate germs.

Happy V’s Essentials Kit

CEO Daniella Levy founded Happy V for those looking for accessible ways to take care of their vaginal and gut health. You can’t go wrong with their essentials kit, which includes their prebiotic and probiotic, D-Mannose and cranberry stick packs, liquid chlorophyll, and a free water bottle. Happy V uses clinically proven ingredients to treat symptoms of bacterial vaginosis, UTIs, yeast infections, and more. 

Hamanica Hammocks

Hammock from Hamanica on Etsy.
Image used with permission from Hamanica.

If you have the space for it, why not get a hammock? Hamanica Etsy shop owner Maribel Hernandez is based in Masaya, Nicaragua, and crafts every single swinging chair to jumbo-sized hammock available. Customize it in your favorite color and make 2024 your year of complete relaxation.

Port de Bras activewear

Athleisure has never looked cuter. Port de Bras is a ballet-inspired, luxury activewear brand founded by Clarissa Egaña in 2015. The feminine and on-trend silhouettes are enough to get you motivated to keep up with your New Year’s resolutions. We just can’t get enough of the ruffle and bow details; they’re perfect for achieving that ballet core aesthetic.

Piú Mas Sleep Ritual Dry Oil

For those looking to make getting better sleep a priority in 2024, make Piú Mas’ Sleep Ritual Dry Oil part of your bedtime routine. It’s a CBD and CBG roll-on oil that will soothe and relax you without feeling greasy. Additionally, the combination of lavender, jasmine, bergamot, cardamom, and other oils will feel luxurious when massaged onto key pressure points.  

Vavica’s Único Essentials Bath and Body Kit  


Your dry skin will love you. The Único Hand + Body Wash is the wash if you’re dealing with dry skin, especially during the winter. #dryskin #showertok #bodycare #smellgood #showerroutine

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Cedarwood, rosemary, and lavender are the scent profiles behind Vavica’s Único Essentials Bath and Body Kit. The two-step routine comes with their Hand and Body Wash, and their Body Oil Spray, which both hydrate the skin and lock in moisture. The clean beauty brand was founded by sisters Valentina, Victoria, and Camila Marmol. Another plus? They’re promoting body inclusivity with every step.