Colombian-American entrepreneur Daniella Levy started her business to redefine and uplift women’s wellness – specifically, vaginal health.

As the founder and CEO of Happy V, she helps erase the stigma of discussing women’s health by arming them with high-quality information and scientifically sound products. Customers can find everything from pH balancing pre and probiotic supplements to UTI prevention and menopause relief.

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Taking the strengths she gained from her culture – resilience, passion, adaptability, and a strict work ethic – she’s flourishing in her entrepreneurial journey. She’s learned from her mother, who moved to the United States from Colombia at 24, that she can get through anything with determination.

“Every day, I’m propelled by my passion for making holistic health both accessible and relatable, ensuring that every woman feels nurtured and supported in her wellness journey,” said Levy. “Hard work, combined with integrity and authenticity, has allowed me to build a business that resonates with both my values and those of Happy V’s customers.”

A close-up of someone holding two prebiotic and probiotic supplements from Happy V.
Photo used with permission from Happy V.

Levy spoke to mitú about how her now 4-year-old business changed her life, navigating the secrecy of the nutraceutical space, and tips for new Latina entrepreneurs.

Happy V’s roots are in Levy’s quest for her wellness

Levy began experiencing bacterial vaginosis in her early twenties, seeking help from several gynecologists for a solution. She switched doctors five times and would receive antibiotics that not only didn’t cure her ailment but made her susceptible to other vaginal infections.

It was an isolating and endless cycle for her, growing too embarrassed to openly discuss it with her friends, family, and partner. Doctors dismissed her concerns and experience, impacting her ability to concentrate on school and work. “I was so uncomfortable to the point that I stopped doing everyday activities, like going out with friends or exercising,” said Levy.

She took the work into her own hands, researching natural ways to treat her symptoms. She began dating her current partner, Hans Graubard, who has experience in the world of natural supplements. 

A woman holding a glass with smiley faces all over, filled with a green Happy V mix-in solution.
Photo used with permission from Happy V.

They teamed up and created Happy V, which changed Levy’s life in more ways than one. Suddenly, her search for validation and safe and effective treatment was over.

“What inspires and drives us is delivering solutions to people that need them, relieving them of their discomfort,” said Levy. “And most importantly, helping them feel less alone!”

Obstacles on all fronts

To Levy, the challenges she faced at the beginning were learning experiences. She recalls picking the perfect vendors, suppliers, and contractors and feeling like she was walking through a maze. A lot of trial and error occurred for the tangible parts of her business, like packaging inserts she overpaid for early on.

The digital aspects of her business also had a steep learning curve. She spent time watching YouTube videos, reading long articles about Facebook ads, and setting up her store on Shopify. “The challenge wasn’t just understanding new concepts; it was the constant pressure of applying them,” said Levy.

Happy V mix-in packets scattered over a light pink honeycomb background.
Photo used with permission from Happy V.

The biggest thing she wanted for Happy V was transparency for customers. Levy noticed a “troubling” lack of it while researching other brands in the nutraceutical space. Ingredient quantities, supplier details, and manufacturing locations were kept secret. However, she knew she wanted her brand to be an open book.

Happy V has its own cGMP manufacturing facility in Miami, with quality checkpoints along the way for every product. Each product page on their shop includes supplement facts and a verified certificate of analysis.

“I learned so much throughout this journey — not just about business — but about pushing my own limits and putting something out into the world that is making an impact on women’s wellness around the country,” said Levy.

Whatever will be will be

One thing Levy stresses throughout our interview is the “immense value” of research in order to have an in-depth understanding of her industry. 

She also advises not to hold back on engaging in meaningful conversations. Coffee dates with mentors and business owners were common outings for her. They were great opportunities to hear about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. “Every single interaction was a lesson, and the insights I gained from them were pure gold,” said Levy.

Getting in touch with local business groups is also something she would recommend to Latinas looking for a community. You can even take it digital and connect on Facebook groups as well.

“I did the same and was amazed at the reservoir of guidance available,” shared Levy. “Beyond the advice and resources, these groups became my go-to for encouragement, especially during those inevitable challenging phases.”

Levy believes “Que sera, sera” because of life’s exciting unpredictability. “We can’t foresee the future, but we have the power to shape it, making every possibility an adventure waiting to unfold,” she said.