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How To Safely Gather For The Holidays In The Time Of Covid

Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. Not seeing family for the holidays is a hard decision but the climbing Covid case numbers are causing concern. More and more people are having to decide what is best and we’re here to break down the information coming from health experts.

This holiday season is setting the U.S. up for a major Covid spike.

There have been more than 100,000 Covid cases every day for the last 12 days breaking global infection records. Wisconsin was so hard hit that there were field hospitals to help with the overloaded and overburdened healthcare system in the state.

“It’s well above what we can tolerate right now and still save lives. I don’t know why it’s continuing to get worse. From a health care standpoint, we’re tapped out,” Dr. Ashok Rai, Prevea Health president and CEO in Wisconsin, told WBAY-TV. “Our beds are getting full every day. Nurses are exhausted. Physicians are exhausted. We’re exhausted.”

The holiday season could potentially make everything worse and we have proof of how delicate the balance is.

There have been small outbreaks here and there that show just how precarious the Covid situation is in the U.S. One of the most commonly cited examples is that of a wedding reception that led to seven deaths. The wedding reception, which took place in rural Maine, has disastrous consequences after one guest arrived with Covid-19. One positive person among 55 guests led to 176 infections and seven deaths. The people who died were not at the wedding reception.

Health experts and world-renowned physicians are calling on the American people to avoid family gatherings this year.

Americans are being warned to stay home and keep isolating as they have been since March. It is a hard ask since the holiday season is when families travel long distances to see each other for the special occasions.

The best things you can do to help keep others safe during this pandemic holiday season are what we have been doing for months. Avoid traveling and seeing people you have not been in contact with during the pandemic. Keep the celebrations to the household. Be mindful in handling meals and making sure it is all safe. And, of course, follow the three most important rules for making it through the pandemic: wash your hands, wear a mask, and practice social distancing.

Doctors are providing information for those who just can’t avoid an in-person holiday gathering.

If you absolutely cannot avoid an in-person, indoor holiday gathering, there are things you can do to be as safe as possible. One of the most commonly known things about the virus is that younger people are better when it comes to contracting and dealing with the virus, but young people die too. You want to keep the gathering outside as much as possible. Don’t drag things out. Keep it small and intimate. It’s even better if they are people you have been in a bubble with. Avoid physical contact with people at the gathering. Get used to waving and tapping elbows to say hi to your family while all wearing masks.

Remember, that we are still in the pandemic and we are all trying our best to get to the other side.

Make sure you keep these holiday gatherings as safe as possible. Think about the people around you and how much you want things to go back to normal. Sacrificing this holiday season is one of the hardest and most necessary things to do to celebrate holidays normally in the future.

We love you and we can’t wait for all of us to gather with family like Latinos do when Covid is behind us.

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Mariah Carey Says Her Love Of Christmas Was Actually Sparked By Her ‘Dysfunctional’ Upbringing—”I created the Christmases that I wanted to have”


Mariah Carey Says Her Love Of Christmas Was Actually Sparked By Her ‘Dysfunctional’ Upbringing—”I created the Christmases that I wanted to have”

Mat Hayward / Getty

If the Christmas season is a mood for the rest of us, Mariah Carey has proved time and again that it’s a lifestyle for her.

Like Saint Nick himself, the “All I Want for Christmas Is You” singer has become a figure of the Yuletide season in so many ways herself. So much so that she’s become a Christmas fixture featuring holiday-themed TV specials and concerts. You’d think Carey’s passion for Christmas was inspired by her own personal and familiar experiences with the holiday season but recently the singer revealed her love for the holidays is related much more to her “dysfunctional” upbringing.

In a recent interview, the 51-year-old singer revealed that even though she always wanted a perfect holiday, she never quite experienced one as a child.

“I think it’s just that longing that I had as a child, that I always wanted things to be perfect for the holidays. And they never were,” Carey explained to Elle magazine in an interview. “It was always somebody ruining the moment, always these dysfunctional family members who came around and foiled everything. And so I just made a pact with myself that I wasn’t going to allow that to happen anymore.” Carey revealed that as an adult she “created the Christmases that I wanted to have.”

Carey revealed that this desire to create special festivities has inspired elaborate festivities for her and her kids.

“I literally go to a snowy place. Reindeer are there,” Carey shared. “I’m not making this up. Santa Claus comes, hangs out with the kids. And by the way, even if I didn’t have kids, I would be doing this.”

This year, Carey suggested that the holidays would be a bit bittersweet. Referring to the current coronavirus pandemic plaguing families across the country this season, Carey commented that “It’s been such a hard year, and I really feel like people so need a celebratory moment. At every turn, it’s like, ‘We can’t be [together]; you can’t celebrate. This is canceled; that’s canceled.’ “

Carey finished the video saying “I’m festive. I can’t help it!”

Carey’slatest latest holiday special, “Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special,” premieres Friday on Apple TV Plus.

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Pope Francis Is Over All You People Complaining About Covid Restrictions So Do Better

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Pope Francis Is Over All You People Complaining About Covid Restrictions So Do Better

Vatican Pool - Corbis / Getty Image

Covid numbers are out of control in the U.S. Numbers are increasing in every state and the holiday weekend is expected to make the crisis worse. Recently, the Supreme Court ruled that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo cannot limit religious gatherings. Pope Francis is really over people complaining about necessary Covid restrictions.

Pope Francis is really over everyone complaining about life-saving Covid restrictions.

We have all seen the videos of people protesting against Covid restrictions. These restrictions are created to protect public health and slow the spread of the virus. Following the guidelines and restrictions is a simple matter that can let the rest of us get back to some kind of normal faster. Ignoring the guidelines and restrictions is what prolongs the lockdowns because of the idea that your personal choices are more important than everyone’s health.

Pope Francis wrote an op-ed for the New York Times calling out the people fighting the restrictions.

“Yet some groups protested, refusing to keep their distance, marching against travel restrictions — as if measures that governments must impose for the good of their people constitute some kind of political assault on autonomy or personal freedom,” Pope Francis wrote in his op-ed. “Looking to the common good is much more than the sum of what is good for individuals. It means having a regard for all citizens and seeking to respond effectively to the needs of the least fortunate.”

The pope made it clear that disregarding the restrictions is an act of selfishness.

Pope Francis’ op-ed comes one day after the Supreme Court sided with religious groups complaining about New York’s restrictions. The newly conservative court responded as expected. Many are pointing to Amy Coney Barrett as someone who followed their religion over the good of the American public, as many predicted she would.

“If we are to come out of this crisis less selfish than when we went in, we have to let ourselves be touched by others’ pain,” Pope Francis wrote in his op-ed for The New York Times. “There’s a line in Friedrich Hölderlin’s “Hyperion” that speaks to me, about how the danger that threatens in a crisis is never total; there’s always a way out: “Where the danger is, also grows the saving power.” That’s the genius in the human story: There’s always a way to escape destruction. Where humankind has to act is precisely there, in the threat itself; that’s where the door opens.”

Pope Francis added: “This is a moment to dream big, to rethink our priorities — what we value, what we want, what we seek — and to commit to act in our daily life on what we have dreamed of.”

The pope’s willingness to speak out on issues is earning him respect from people around the world.

Catholics and non-Catholics alike are celebrating Pope Francis for his willingness to call out the failures he sees in our governments. Pope Francis has also been pivotal in pushing the Catholic church forward in accepting the LGBTQ+ community. It seems like Barrett’s appointment to the Supreme Court has energized Pope Francis’ push to make the Catholic church more accepting and believe in science.

Covid has given the pope a perfect time to talk about true religious values like caring for your neighbor and he is using it.

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