The holiday season is upon us, and as we indulge in the festive feasts, there’s a familiar companion that often tags along — indigestion. But fear not! We’ve teamed up with State Farm® to bring you a guide inspired by abuela’s time-tested remedies.

The holiday season is officially here, and with the many feasts it brings comes the gift that keeps on giving — indigestion. Let’s be real: after you’ve eaten the lechón asado, frijoles, plantains, and three different types of cakes, there’s little room for much else in your stomach.

Thankfully, abuela‘s got the magic cure for everything from mal de ojo to tummy aches. From chanting “sana sana culito de rana” to serving you endless lemon soda, we’ve got the nine abuela hacks to help you eat the feast and digest it, too.

1. Baking soda mixed with water

Feeling bloated? Got heartburn? Mix one teaspoon of baking soda with one cup of water and drink up.

2. A shot of anise

While you may have seen star anise floating around the buñuelos, this spice is used for many concoctions. Among them is anise liquor, used in many countries as a digestive. Dozens of abuelas used to rub this on teething children’s gums, but as adults, a little over-ice goes a long way.

3. Chamomile tea

This effective remedy is excellent for reducing pain and relaxing the stomach. If your abuela was hardcore, she even had one of these plants at home in case of emergencies.

4. Ginger tea with lemon

Abuelas love ginger, and when they don’t have ginger ale handy, ginger tea with lemon is the key. Boil some water, throw in some pieces of ginger (or a tea bag), and add half a lemon. Sip until you feel better.

5. Lemon soda

This one comes bundled with a pack of Vaporub in Abuela’s medicine cabinet. For them, bubbles and menthol can use everything.

6. Chew on fennel seeds

Fennel is very effective in reducing bowel inflammation and reducing the bacteria that causes gas, WebMD affirms. So, abuela wasn’t too farfetched when she handed you some.

7. Milk of magnesia

Keep a glass of water close by to wash this thick substance down. However, milk of magnesia can help anything from heartburn to diarrhea.

8. Massaging the abdomen in circles

Known as a good old “sobada” grab some lotion or oils and start massaging your tummy. This moves things around and helps your digestive system relax.

9. Chewing on mint leaves

Aside from leaving you with excellent breath, chewing on mint leaves can also relieve indigestion.

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