Navigating the shift from childhood to adulthood is no small feat, and this holiday season, we’re taking a trip down memory lane to reminisce about the gifts we once despised but now cherish. From socks to gift cards, these presents have undergone a glow-up in our adult wishlist. Thanks to our partner State Farm®, we’re diving into the nostalgia of Nochebuena and the quirky gifts that have transformed into holiday must-haves.

Many people look back at their childhood thinking, how could I ever have wanted to be an adult? While paying bills, picking our clothes, and “doing whatever I want” sounded like a great plan, most of us have learned with much age comes much responsibility. Among the many aspects we may miss about our childhood (come back, summer vacation!), Christmas gifts often come to mind.

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Gathering around the tree on Nochebuena, trying to get Abuela to give you a sneak peek. Then, realizing you got socks or ten dollars from your tíos. This holiday season, we’ve gathered our top 13 gifts we hated as kids but are absolutely on our wishlist.

1. Cash

Our Roman Empire is how on Earth we thought cash was a terrible gift. I mean, as a kid, it doesn’t get any more boring than seeing your name on an envelope and opening up a Christmas-themed card to some cash. Now? We’ll take ten, please.

2. Blankets

We didn’t want to be cozy; we wanted the latest toys and video games. So, when Abuela or your mamá lovingly kept you warm, well, you felt lame. However, as adults, blankets are more than welcome. One for every room, if possible.

3. Socks

Walking around barefoot? A sock with a hole in it? Impossible in a Latino household. You were for sure getting several pairs of these as gifts. Fast-forward to losing every other pair to the dryer, and we’d be glad to replenish our stock. Plus, who can say no to that arch support?

4. Underwear


Getting clothes now be the best gift 😮‍💨


Adding to your collection of days of the week, that clothing gift you thought would be new Limited Too pants turned out to be underwear. Oh, but how we love JUST underwear.

5. Books


I liked it then too but now it’s an obsession 💕#reader #bookworm #bookrec #booktok #bookgift #booktrope #bookclub

♬ original sound – maddie✧.*

If you weren’t a bookworm, getting books as a gift was perhaps the easiest way to boredom. Something you did as homework was definitely not a gift, right? As adults, adding to our book collection is not just a gift; it’s a treasure.

6. Tea

While today owning a tea cabinet is our idea of a good time, a tin can full of tea bags could grow old in our closet and never be used.

7. Candles

If someone wants to stock up on our personal candle cabinet, we won’t be mad. In fact, we’d like one for every season.

8. Bodywash Set

As children, getting practical gifts was almost a punishment. Someone giving you body wash or lotion as an adult is like winning the lottery.

9. Seasonal Pajamas

While you would’ve rather gotten the latest in fashion as a kid, getting seasonal matching pajamas with your family now sounds like the most comfortable way to spend Christmas.

10. Coloring Books

Give us all the crayons, markers, and mandalas — we need this optimal stress reliever now.

11. Reusable Water Bottles

Whether you’re using them for emotional support or staying hydrated, water bottles make incredible gifts. Especially if they’re insulated.

12. Agendas

With the amount of cool agendas now out on the market, there’s one to fulfill every single one of our adult needs.

13. Gift Cards

We may not have known what to do with gift cards back in the day, but as adults, they’re a great excuse for shopping at some of our favorite stores.

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