Back when we were kids, we thought growing up was the best thing ever. That’s until we learned adulting is actually pretty hard. 

Falling asleep in the car on a family trip, going to Abuela’s house for lunch on Sunday, or the first time you adopted a pet are all core memories we’ll cherish forever. 

In honor of our childhoods, we’re joining McDonald’s to look back at those moments that felt like a sweet treat to the soul.

Visiting your abuelos

If you had the privilege of knowing your abuelos and living close to them, you know how special bonding with them was. Whether you sat down on their rocking chairs to hear stories or got to make tamales with your Abuela, every trip to their house was a treat and a treasured memory. 

Plus, who didn’t get a dollar or two para que te compres algo, mija!

Getting a Happy Meal After School 

While our Latino parents always hit us with the “there’s food at home” line, every now and then you got to take a trip to McDonald’s, run around the playground and enjoy a Happy Meal. If you were lucky, your parents might also get you a sweet treat from the dollar menu. 

Abuela’s cooking

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To this day, no one cooks better than Abuela. Even though you’ll never get an exact recipe for absolutely any dish, our taste buds will always rejoice at the thought of our grandmother’s cooking. Especially her desserts!

Building pillow forts with your primos and siblings

One of the joys of childhood is spending time with your siblings and cousins, particularly if it means building pillow forts to play in. Who needed video games or cell phones when you could build your own world and hide while eating your favorite sweets?

Spending summers in your country of origin

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Growing up in a Latino family often meant being shipped to your country of origin during the summer. While most of our parents worked through the summer, visiting your country of origin often meant immersing yourself in the culture while enjoying the company of family you almost never saw. Even better were the afternoons enjoying the goodies we only got in our parents’ country.

Being read a bedtime story

Although our time with our parents as children may have been limited, who didn’t love falling asleep to a bedtime story narrated by our parents? Whether it was La Caperucita Roja or Pulgarcito, those stories will always bring warm memories to our hearts.

Dancing with your tias and tios at parties

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Did you even grow up in a Latino family if you didn’t get dance lessons from your tios? While you may be pulling the pasos prohibidos on the dance floor today, we all know it all started at the family’s weekend carne asadas. 

Spending the holidays with your ENTIRE family

From vacations to Christmas, as a child, the holidays were always a special time, especially because it meant spending time with the entire family. Making food with your tias, opening presents, or engaging in pranks with your cousins, the holidays were always a sweet treat.

Sleeping between two chairs at parties

Lastly, we can’t forget the Latino childhood rite of passage—sleeping between two chairs at parties. While it didn’t feel like a sweet treat at the moment, we remember those nights when our parents were having a blast, and we napped to the sound of the bass.

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