If you’ve ever taken a stroll to see the street art in your city, you’ve probably run into Bobby Alvarado’s breathtaking murals. 

Growing up in Los Angeles, Alvarado drew inspiration from his upbringing to fuse graffiti-inspired art with a dash of the Vegas lifestyle. The first-generation Salvadoran artist’s murals can be seen nationwide in cities like Miami, Honolulu, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, where he currently resides.

Now, Alvarado has joined Cheetos and Frito-Lay as a “Deja tu Huella” Ambassador, uplifting and raising up underserved communities across the country through the power of art. 

Alvarado is reclaiming the narrative around being Salvadoran, taking back the term “Salvi”

Things haven’t always been easy for the Las Vegas-based muralist. Growing up in the 80s, Alvarado’s Salvadoran heritage wasn’t easily accepted. However, with time, he has embraced his culture to change the narrative around immigrants. 

“I proudly mention that I am of ‘Salvi’ (Salvadoran) descent as a ‘we made it’ moment because the term back when I was growing up was more of a derogatory term,” he shares. “So, really, I’m just taking that term back. Flipping it into a positive for me and any other Salvadoran that needs to read this.” 

Raised in Los Angeles, art was everywhere. Alvarado recalls being inspired by seeing art on buses, wild-style graffiti in Melrose and Hollywood, murals in Venice Beach, and throw-ups in downtown L.A.

“The city streets were the ultimate platform and greatest source of inspiration. I’ve hung on to that inspiration all my life, which is why my art is rooted in graffiti,” he says. “I’ve continued developing my own style and color palette over the years. Most recently, I incorporated more of the iconic Vegas skyline and silhouettes, paying homage to the city where I’ve found much success. Las Vegas has embraced me and my artwork.”

Driving around Sin City, running into one of Alvarado’s murals is no coincidence. He draws much inspiration from his new home to deliver beautiful pieces, particularly RedRock National Park, wildlife, and desertscapes, which he incorporates into his artwork. 

As an Ambassador for Cheetos’ “Deja tu Huella,” Alvarado is inspiring underserved communities

After succeeding as a full-time and traveling artist in Las Vegas, Alvarado started thinking of ways to give back.

“I would take scraps of paint left over from paid gigs to donate murals for any struggling small business. I didn’t always have enough paint left over, so I would come out of pocket. The problem with that was financial. It wasn’t always feasible. So when I first heard of the Deja tu Huella campaign, I was absolutely stoked.”

Adding, “I thought how awesome this giant company’s vision and my own somehow lined up. That same day, I put together a short video letting Cheetos and the world know how I would continue leaving my mark and submitted my entry for the Deja tu Huella contest. The rest has been history!”

Now, as an ambassador for the campaign, he’s created incredible murals

Among his favorites are the DTH College Murals, which the muralist claims “the level of engagement and opportunity to inspire have been unlike no other.”

Additionally, his first official mural donation through “Deja tu Huella” is one he holds close to his heart— the Los Gorditos Taco trailer in Las Vegas.

“This was my first official mural donation funded by the DTH program in late 2022. This project changed the trajectory of a struggling small business. Which ultimately got the exposure it so badly needed,” he explains. “We made the local Las Vegas News early 2023, and to this day, the owner (and now owner of two trailers) Martin and I remain friends. Giving back using what you’ve been given. That’s what it’s all about.”

From Honolulu to Miami, Alvarado hopes to leave his mark through art

As his career progresses, the Salvadoran artist continues to thrive through art. Outside his work in Las Vegas, Alvarado is often commissioned to complete murals around the United States. 

“Some years back, when I collaborated on a canvas with a local artist, I was taken back by Hawaii’s Arts District in Honolulu,” he shares. “More than big waves there, for sure. The talent that blessed the streets of Kakaako and the surrounding area left me speechless (and once again fired up).”

His work can also be sampled at Miami’s Wynwood Walls. 

“Fast forward some and fly 3500 miles East Coast! Wynwood Marketplace in Miami is another colorful town. Painting live at the Cheetos/ Billboard Block party in Miami as part of the Deja tu Huella team has definitely been a highlight in my career as an artist.” 

We’re more than hyped about seeing Bobby’s art leave its mark. 

“Your footprint can lead others to follow their dreams. Vámonos!” he adds.

Ready to leave your mark like Bobby Alvarado? Apply now to be the next Cheetos® Deja tu Huella Ambassador and learn more about the program at www.cheetosdejatuhuella.com. Join the movement and inspire your community today!