Danny Trejo Is A Better Batman Than Ben Affleck, A Better Superman Than Henry Cavill

DC / Warner Bros

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” was one of the most hotly anticipated movies of the year. After its release, a stream of negative reviews hit the Internet, leading to Sad Ben Affleck and a 29% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. You know what that movie could have used? DANNY TREJO. Because Danny Trejo makes everything better.

Sad Ben Affleck would turn his frown upside down if this guy was playing Superman:

Credit: DC / Warner Bros.

Or maybe he could play Batman? trejo-batman

Credit: DC / Warner Bros.

He would instantly have the best Batman voice.

Trejo could make also make a great Captain America…

Credit: Marvel

You know what? Maybe he could be Antonio Stark, aka Iron Man…

Credit: Marvel

Or fellow Avengers member The Hulk…

Credit: Marvel

Why not Black Widow?

Credit: Marvel

He coulda been a bad-ass Spider-Man…

Credit: Marvel / Columbia Pictures

Or a killer Deadpool.

Credit: Marvel

Imagine Danny Trejo slicing and dicing villains as Wolverine…

Credit: Marvel / FOX

Or watching him move metal with his hands as Magneto.

Credit: Marvel / FOX

Then you could pronounce it “Mahg-neh-toh” instead of “Mag-neat-o.” This could be his theme song.

Could he pull off playing The Joker? Of course.


Credit: DC / Warner Bros.

“Why so serious, holmes?”

BONUS: If they ever make a movie about El Chapulín Colorado… the choice for the lead role is a no-brainer:

Credit: Televisa

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