After Years Of Battling Substance Abuse, Oscar De La Hoya Finds Himself In Trouble Again

Oscar De La Hoya is no stranger to fighting, but his battles with alcohol have proven to be the biggest challenge of his life. De La Hoya was pulled over by police in Pasadena, Calif. after they noticed him speeding in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Noticing the smell of alcohol on the retired 43-year-old boxer, the officer, according to USA Today, administered “several field sobriety tests,” which De La Hoya failed.

Oscar De La Hoya’s history with substance abuse is well documented.


As Yahoo! Sports points out, the onetime former four-division champion checked himself into rehab in 2011 for problems with cocaine abuse and suicidal thoughts. He again checked himself into rehab in 2013 for problems relating to substance abuse. After Wednesday’s arrest, De La Hoya was released to a spokesperson, Stefan Friedman, who, according to Yahoo! Sports, only had this to say: “We’re not going to have any comment. Thank you.” Since being released, De La Hoya has not released a statement, and his Twitter feed has been silent.

ESPN reporter Bernardo Osuna relayed a message from Julio Cesar Chavez to De La Hoya via Twitter:

“@OscarDeLaHoya it’s time to make a determinant decision in your life. @Jcchavez115 told me that his clinic is available to you, right now!”

In 2013, Chavez, who had his own struggles with substance abuse, opened a rehabilitation clinic, “Baja del Sol,” in Tijuana, Mexico.

[VIA] Report: Oscar De La Hoya arrested after failing field sobriety test

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