A Jenni Rivera Classic Gets Remade By Chiquis And Natalia Jiménez

Earlier this week, Natalia Jiménez of La 5a Estación and “La Voz: Kids” fame released a Jenni Rivera tribute album titled “Homenaje a la Gran Señora.” Why Jenni Rivera? The Spanish pop singer told Billboard that she wanted to combine her love of Jenni Rivera with her desire to sing Mexican rancheras. The 34-year-old singer also told Billboard that her admiration for Jenni Rivera’s strength inspired her to work on the album: “[I]t’s a very strong album for strong women — women who are not afraid to stand up to men. I love that message. That’s what my music is about too.”

The 12-track album features duets with Jenni’s brother, Lupillo Rivera, and her eldest daughter, Janney “Chiquis” Rivera. Chiquis teams up with Jiménez on “Ovarios,” one of Jenni’s signature tracks.


Earlier this week, Chiquis took to her Instagram to post a clip of the song and to thank both her mother and Natalia Jiménez:

“There aren’t enough words to describe what my heart feels this moment. Today marks four years from the day that changed my life forever. Although it’s a difficult day, not just for my family but for all of the my mother’s fans, it’s things like this that make me smile because #LaGranSeñora continues to be a badass. A thousand thanks to Natalia Jiménez for this tribute!!! It’s a huge honor. I love ALL of the album. You rock girlfriend!!! Thanks for making me a part of it. I love you!”

Listen to the full song:

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