People In Spain Were Surprised By A 34-Memeber Mariachi Mob And Their Reaction Was *Beautiful*

After watching – and listening to – this, how could you not fall in love with mariachi music?!

Alejandro Fernández is getting other people around the world to fall in love with mariachi music as much as Mexicans – using flash mobs.

First stop: Madrid, España.

After the 45-year-old tapatío honored Plácido Domingo during the “Plácido en el alma” event, Alejandro kicked off his “La música rompe fronteras” by flash mobbing La Plaza Mayor in Madrid with 34 musicians. “This is something that fills me with pride and that I want to share with the world,” he tweeted.

This campaign is also serving to promote the 23rd annual Encuentro Internacional del Mariachi y Carrería taking place in Guadalajara from Aug. 26 to Sept. 4.

Learn more about this campaign here and here.

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"Sausage Party" Will Star A Mexican Actress... As A Taco


“Sausage Party” Will Star A Mexican Actress… As A Taco

Sausage Party / Sony Pictures / @salmahayek / Instagram

On August 12, you will have a chance to hear Salma Hayek as you’ve never heard before. The Mexican actor is the voice of Teresa Taco in the upcoming film “Sausage Party” – and she’s filthy! This is definitely one animated film you do not want to take the kids to see.

The world finally got a glimpse of Teresa Taco.

Credit: Sausage Party Movie / Facebook

“I don’t know how they got me on board, but I’ll tell you, I am one naughty, naughty taco,” Salma Hayek told Collider about her role. “She is a bad girl, in a different way. I know I’ll never play another one like that, for sure.”

She is a very, very bad girl who likes it both ways. *cough cough*

“It’s the naughtiest thing I’ve ever done,” Hayek told Collider.

Despite the fact that she was cast to play a taco, Hayek really got into the role and definitely had a lot of fun with it.

Credit: Sausage Party / Sony Pictures / Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

“When they offered me this part, I was nervous because it’s so naughty,” Hayek told Kimmel.

Hayek admits that she was nervous at first, but once she started improvising some dirty lines, well…

Credit: Sausage Party / Sony Pictures / Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

Hayek also admitted to Kimmel that she kept the role and the movie a secret from her husband as best as she could.

“He’s going to discover how dirty [Sausage Party] is at the premiere,” Hayek told Kimmel.

Credit: Sausage Party / Sony Pictures / Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

We’d love to see her husband’s reaction when he hears his wife hitting on a female hotdog bun.

Check out Salma Hayek’s full “Sausage Party” interview below!

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