Wanna Know Which Latino Skateboarders Are Making a Name For Themselves?

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Skateboarding’s journey from hyperlocal fad to internationally recognized sport is a transition that hits close to home for any minority group fighting to make a place for themselves in the mainstream. So it’s no surprise that as the sport progresses, innovative and dedicated Latino skaters are rising to the top. Here are 11 Latinos stepping up the game for everyone.

1. Pedro Barros

pedro barros
Credit: Primitive Skate / YouTube

There’s a timeless quality to Pedro Barros’s skateboarding. The dude rocks transitions and goes into full on rage-mode at contests, beating out the best of today’s pros. Pedro has already topped out at first place several times, and shows no sign of relenting. What’s most impressive about 21-year-old Barros isn’t what he has done, but what he’ll do next. This is only the beginning.

2. Carlos Ribeiro

carlos ribeiro
Credit: Primitive Skate / YouTube

Like many Latino skateboarders, Carlos is the embodiment of great style matched by equally amazing innovation. Over the last few years, Ribeiro has dropped some of the most technical parts out there, consistently making the most insane tricks look like a breeze.

3. Louie Lopez

louie skater
Credit: Thrasher Magazine / YouTube

Louie Lopez is seasoned well beyond his years, with the style of a pro at the height of his career. Whether cruising around or hucking himself down kinked rails, he skates with an intensity that makes every moment worth watching. His part in Volcom’s Holy Stokes is just another highlight on his already impressive resume.

4. Luan Oliveira

Luan Skater
Credit: Thrasher Magazine / YouTube

It’s no secret that the majority of amazing talent coming to the US is from Brazil. Leading the charge is Luan Oliveira, whose talent is rivaled only by the speed at which he skates. In the past decade, Luan has gone from being a relative unknown to one of the greatest the sport has ever produced.

5. David González

david skater
Credit: Thrasher Magazine / YouTube

This Colombian skateboarder was named the 2012 Skater of the Year for good reason. With his signature headband and long hair, David has consistently dropped jaws with the risk he subjects himself to in a part. Check out the clip above to see what kind of monster he is on a skateboard.

6. Diego Najera

diego skater
Credit: Primitive Skate / Youtube

Diego Najera’s talent on a board isn’t up for debate. After throwing down one of the sickest AM debut parts for Primitive Skateboards, Diego stomped through the competition at Battle at the Berrics 9, earning first place in the process. His uncanny ability to tame the gnarliest spots with ease means Najera is only beginning to claim his spot among the best of the up-and-coming generation.

7. Leticia Bufoni

leticia skater

8. Ivan Monteiro

Ivan skater
Credit: TransWorld SKATEboarding/YouTube

Brazilian born Ivan Monteiro is what’s next. As the LA winner of Transworld’s Come Up Tour in 2015, he’s spent most of 2016 leaving a wake of top 10 contest finishes. You’ve been warned.

9. Tiago Lemos

tiago skater
Credit: theskateboarmag / YouTube

Tiago is a breath of fresh air straight out of Jaguariuna, Brazil. He skates with a style that’s as raw as the terrain under his wheels. Though backed by legit corporate sponsors, he flows with the kind of skills that money can’t buy.

10. Kelvin Hoefler

kevin skater

11. Carlos Iqui

carlos iqui skater
Credit: theskateboardmag / YouTube

Carlos’ part in DC’s De la Calle/Da Rua was exactly what we’ve come to expect of him: a full-on assault of technical prowess and style. While the video showcased the best clips from months of filming, it wasn’t until the raw footage was released that we saw the level of focus and perfectionism Carlos brings just to ride away clean.

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