Anjelah Johnson Totally Nails What It Means To Have A Mexican Family

Comedy Time / YouTube

If you’ve never heard of Anjelah Johnson or Bon Qui Qui, you have NOT been living. This Mexicana comedienne has been slaying the comedy game since she was on “Mad TV.” She doesn’t hold back, and her comedy is hilarious. She also knows how to keep things super relevant to her Mexican roots. Like this little stand-up bit from Johnson’s beginning.

Anjelah Johnson starts strong with her Mexican pride.

Credit: Comedy Time / YouTube

She goes into how tight Mexican families are, especially when they can’t find a babysitter.

Credit: Comedy Time / YouTube

Mexicans are so family oriented, they welcome total strangers into the family by offering food.

Credit: Comedy Time / YouTube

Because that’s the way to the ♥️.

Asking for a ride to the store…

Credit: Comedy Time / YouTube

It’s always going to be “real quick.”

And treating bratty children as their own… by spanking them.

Credit: Comedy Time / YouTube

Sometimes they deserve it.

It’s all to make the world a better place.

Credit: Comedy Time / YouTube

Watch the full video below!

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Walter Mercado Says Donald Trump Would Destroy The World


Walter Mercado Says Donald Trump Would Destroy The World

barebackstreetboyz / Tumblr

Walter Mercado recently sat down with People en Español and talked about the presidential candidates. He didn’t just talk about what they had going on. Oh no. Walter dug deep and read into the future of both presidencies. The results are shocking.

Walter Mercado has spoken, and we all know what that means: Time to pay attention.

Credit: Euro Channel / paracamaleoes / Tumblr

The famous Puerto Rican astrologer has given us his prediction on what the world will look like if a Donald Trump presidency actually happened. Spoiler alert: It is terrifying.

First, Mercado does think that Hillary Clinton is the new face of the United States.

Credit: Broad City / Comedy Central

“I believe that Hillary Clinton has all the possibilities and she has caught the attention of those who will support and vote for her,” Mercado said.

And some of that faith in Clinton comes from her booming résumé of experience.

Credit: Supernatural / Warner Bros. Television / whitesnowing / Tumblr

Donald Trump’s presidency, according to Mercado, would be totally different. Kind of like this:

Credit: giffreak / Tumblr

“I made a card about what I saw in the future and present of this monster,” Mercado said of Trump. “This backwards thinking person can lead not just the United States but the world to total destruction.”

And Walter says this mainly because, according to the astrological sage, Trump cares more about money than people.

Credit: VICELAND / Black Market / Giphy

“He is a person who thinks that money buys everything, and he thinks that he can buy the following of all of humanity,” Mercado said.

Looks like Mercado has given all Latinos a lot to think about.

Credit: RNC / Election 2016 / Giphy

Read the full story here.

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