Sports reporter Samantha Rivera’s life was business as usual earlier this week while on the job reporting at a Panthers vs. Knights hockey game in Las Vegas.

However, the Chicago native was soon approached by a crazed fan on live television. Incredibly enough, she reacted in the best way possible.

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Rivera spoke to mitú about the incident, showing pride in her quick thinking and sharp response to the bystander. She explained, “I’m not sure how I expected myself to react, but I’m happy with how I did.”

Just one look at the video will make you see exactly what she means.

The sports reporter’s epic response to a crazed fan on live television went viral

The Mexican-American sports reporter and anchor for CBS Miami made her way to Las Vegas to report on the Stanley Cup Finals. Rivera reported on the second game between the Florida Panthers and the Vegas Golden Knights from her spot at the T-Mobile Arena.

The reporter even posted an Instagram photo before game two started, asking in her caption, “Can the #Panthers bounce back and go home with a road win tonight?”

What Rivera didn’t know at the time? Something very unexpected would happen next — and her reaction would go viral worldwide.

As you can see in the clip of the moment, Rivera was reporting on the scene from the arena. She told live CBS viewers, “Yes, it’s still a very loud crowd here at T-Mobile Arena. Obviously, Vegas fans enjoying the less than ideal night for the Panthers.”

However, she didn’t get the chance to finish her next thought. Why? Well, a very unruly fan tried to get on camera… and got way too close for comfort.

Luckily, Rivera has killer instincts, immediately stiff-arming the man without breaking a sweat. She pushed him off camera with just one arm while saying “Nope”— and let’s just say it was the epitome of FIERCE.

Later, smiling, she said: “That’s the kind of fan you don’t want to be.”

Rivera tells mitú she learned “martial arts moves” from her dad growing up

The sports reporter tells mitú that while she didn’t know she would react that way — she learned a lot growing up.

Rivera described, “I grew up with two crazy younger sisters who never held back when we fought.” Who else can relate?!

The journalist also owes her epic defense skills to her father. She told us that her dad would “try to teach [them] martial arts moves” growing up, “Whether [they] wanted to learn or not.”

As she put it, “That might’ve contributed to how I reacted.”

First Taekwondo, then an impressive, football-esque stiff arm on live TV. Goals!

So what does Rivera hope this viral moment brings to the world? Well, a sharp reminder for anyone looking to mess with anyone just doing their job.

She tells mitú, “I just hope a moment like this reminds people to think twice about trying to interrupt someone while working.”

On social media, people are going just a bit crazy over the viral moment. For one, NFL México reposted her video, comparing her defense tactic to football running back Derrick Henry.

“The Mexican reporter Samantha Rivera gives classes like Derrick Henry on what a stiff arm is and when to use it,” they said:

One user on Twitter mentioned how Rivera “never broke eye contact” with her audience, and nope — that fan “didn’t stand a chance”:

And yes, that stiff arm was definitely very “impressive”:

Over on Rivera’s Instagram, new fans left hundreds of comments about the crazy TV moment.

One follower wrote, “I appreciate how you handled that rowdy fan, and didn’t even blink. Bravo.” Another agreed, “Nicely handled! Ps: send me your trainers info haha.” Yes please!

As another put it, “Elite focus. Never loses eye contact. Plus a Derrick Henry level stiff arm. Just incredible all around.”

Yet another IG user is all of us with this comment: “[I don’t know] what’s more impressive. That official stiff arm you gave or the fact you didn’t miss a beat on your reporting. Get it girl!”

As another inspired fan wrote, “The Panthers need you out on the ice with that defense 😭🫶🏽”

Panthers, take notes!