Who else remembers mixing together the strangest combination of kitchen ingredients growing up, all in the name of making a bomb hair mask?

Many of these recipes we used were passed down from our own mothers and abuelitas, who always know best when it comes to D.I.Y. beauty. I mean, our abuelas always told us to use Vaseline in place of clear mascara and eyebrow gel, and gave us the best tip of scrubbing our armpits with baking soda and lemon if that smell won’t go away — and did their advice ever fail us? Nunca.

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One celebrity who loves at-home, make-it-yourself beauty rituals? None other than “Up” rapper Cardi B. The musician already once shared one of her favorite hair masks on Instagram Stories, mixing together ingredients like banana and olive oil, and now she’s given us another gem: boiled onion water. As she shared on her Instagram page, she uses the onion water to rinse out her hair as part of her “healthy hair growth journey.” The benefits? According to the rapper, it gives “a shine” to her hair.

Now, in the name of Queen Cardi B, we’ve decided to round up the 7 weirdest, smelliest ingredients we’ve put in our own hair to keep it in tip-top shape.

1. Mayonnaise


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If you haven’t put mayonnaise in your hair, you don’t know what you’re missing. The protein and fatty acids make your hair softer than it’s ever been, and you get a hold on frizz stat. Smelly? Yes. But in the words of Bad Bunny, “No pidas rosas si no aguantas espinas.”

2. Eggs

Another surprising hair mask ingredient that might gross you out a little upon application? Eggs. Yes, your hair will have that raw egg smell for a bit, but it is super-moisturizing and using it often can make hair grow faster. Our mamis and abuelitas always told us to put eggs in our mane, so this also brings back high school weekend memories.

3. Vinegar


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You might have already heard of this one: while apple cider vinegar is often touted as a good-for-you ingredient that helps everything from heart health to blood sugar levels, it’s also great for shiny locks. An apple cider vinegar rinse can improve dandruff, make your hair shinier, and make it stronger.

4. Coca Cola

This one might be the most surprising of all, but Coca Cola has more uses than just being the best drink you can get at McDonald’s along with your Big Mac and fries. For one, it’s a little-known secret that Coke makes for the best arroz con coco you’ve ever had (seriously). Another use? Using it to rinse your hair for alleged volume and beachy waves.

5. Yogurt

Yet another slightly-smelly kitchen ingredient that we remember mixing into our hair along with eggs and mayonnaise for even more benefits? Plain yogurt. The probiotics can help your hair grow faster, and it’s moisturizing, too. It also calms down summer frizz.

6. Aspirin

Our abuelitas think Vick’s Vapor Rub is the cure for everything under the sun, from pimples, to rashes, to probably even cleaning the kitchen sink. Another do-it-all? Apparently, aspirin. While you may take the medication for headaches, an aspirin hair mask may actually help calm down dandruff.

7. Avocado 

Last but not least, avocado isn’t just a fire ingredient for basically all the best foods in the world— guacamole tradicional included. It’s also one of the most moisturizing at-home hair mask ingredients, even if it might feel a little weird putting it on your ends in the first place. It also helps strengthen it for super-long hair.