Coral Castillo has undoubtedly made a name for herself in the fashion world. Born in Mexico City, her unique play of strength and tenderness has catapulted her to success. Most recently, she became a finalist on Season 19 of the highly acclaimed Project Runway.

Macramé, the art of creating a textile by knotting, is one of Castillo’s signature aesthetics. Her one-of-a-kind designs caught the eye of a similarly named yet unexpected brand: CHEETOS Mac ‘N Cheese. We know what you’re thinking — this could be the wildcard collab we never knew we needed.

The two have since joined forces to produce a fiery collection blending Castillo’s handmade macramé styling with CHEETOS Mac ‘N Cheese’s vibrant colors. The collection will offer two new bold and daring pieces: MAC-Top Sneakers and Fanny MACs.

This isn’t CHEETOS Mac ‘N Cheese’s first dip into the fashion pool

Last summer, CHEETOS launched a line of Fanny MACs for festival season; they’ve upped the stakes this year. The bags now feature Castillo’s intricate macramé on the outside, with a noodle-shaped zipper, cheetah print-lining and an adjustable strap with even more macramé embellishments.

The cherry on top? A CHEETOS Mac ‘N Cheese box can fit perfectly into the Fanny Mac. You know, just in case of cheese-related emergencies. Although this might not work well with the MAC-Top Sneakers, they will also be fitted in Castillo’s gorgeous macramé and lined with cheetah print.

The pieces will come in three colors, inspired by some of the most popular and delicious CHEETOS Mac ‘N Cheese flavors: orange, green, and red. It’s safe to say this collection will have you looking and feeling FLAMIN’ HOT.

mitú chatted with Castillo on her inspiration, styling these fun and funky pieces, and her advice for someone trying to break into the fashion industry. Hint: It involves embracing every challenge.


How did your partnership with CHEETOS Mac ‘N Cheese come to be?

Over the past few years, there’s been a resurgence of macramé style in the fashion world. CHEETOS Mac ‘N Cheese wanted to bring a unique twist on the “mac” to the fashion world to create a bold collection. [And they wanted] an unexpected partner who has experience with macramé.

Being in fashion requires you to be bold and break the rules a little, so it was fun to work with a brand like CHEETOS Mac ‘N Cheese that embraces that like I do. This partnership also allowed me to expand my portfolio with items I’ve never created before — it was the first time I’ve created shoes!

It was a fun new design approach that allowed me to embrace a different perspective in fashion and create items that resonate with my fans and CHEETOS fans.  

How did inspiration arise for this collab? What was the process like?

I started the process with my digital sketchbook, experimenting with the colors and prints, immersing myself in the brand identity and sheer joy of bringing my ideas to life. The development phase holds a special place in my heart as it allows me to witness and refine every aspect of the design before it leaps off the page.  

I drew inspiration from the vibrant and bold colors, as well as the branding elements of CHEETOS and I merged them with my unique macramé and aesthetic. Our shared goal was to create something that’s not only fun and visually appealing, but also functional. 

How would you style these pieces? Do you have a personal favorite?

As a fashion designer, I love the idea of pairing the Fanny MAC and MAC-Tops with something dark and neutral to bring the bold CHEETOS Mac ‘N Cheese colors to the forefront.  

I don’t think I can pick a favorite! I love them both for different reasons! It’s the first time I’ve created shoes and this type of handbag. I’m proud of this collaboration and can’t wait to see people wearing these pieces. 


What advice do you have for an aspiring designer trying to break into the industry?  

My advice to aspiring fashion designers is to embrace hard work and your creative vision. Stay updated on trends, learn from setbacks, persevere and believe in yourself. Determination and resilience will lead you to success in the competitive fashion industry. 

Also, never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and always trust your gut. Be open to new experiences. This partnership with CHEETOS Mac ‘N Cheese was an adventure that was both fun and challenging because this was my first-time designing shoes and creating this type of handbag. Luckily, I’m no stranger to fashion challenges and I was ready for this new adventure.