They say behind every successful man is a strong woman. Such is the case for the woman behind the man coined the “World’s Greatest Men’s Soccer Player of all Time”: Lionel Messi.

Antonela Roccuzzo and Messi’s love has graced headlines and magazine covers for ages. During their latest move to Miami, Florida, the couple was spotted grocery shopping with their three sons: Mateo, Ciro, and Thiago, proving that they are, in many ways, a normal family.

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Yet as the world welcomes the Messi family to the Sunshine State, everyone is wondering: who is Roccuzzo?

We’re sharing everything we know about the mother, influencer, businesswoman and model.

Roccuzzo shares a hometown with Messi

This love and soccer romance began many years ago when Roccuzzo and Messi were just children. They met in their hometown of Rosario, Argentina. They separated for a few years when Messi moved to Barcelona, Spain, for soccer training. However, a tragic twist of fate brought them back together.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Roccuzzo’s best friend died in a car accident and she was crushed. Messi flew back to Rosario to console her, and thus, the flame of their love was rekindled.

She began dating Messi in 2008, but they married in 2017

In the early days of their courtship, the couple kept their relationship hushed from the press. Even though they started dating in 2008, their relationship came to light in 2009 when Messi revealed they were dating during an interview.

Then, in June 2012, they welcomed their first child, Thiago. In 2015, their second son, Mateo. Finally, the soccer star and businesswoman married in their hometown on June 30, 2017. The grand party hosted everyone from Shakira to Neymar.

Roccuzzo shared the joy of the day on Instagram, quoting lyrics from “Sin principio ni final” by Abel Pintos.

“My husband ❤️ Thanks to our whole family and friends for joining us!!! We love you so much💍👰🏽🤵!!! #felicidad #siquiero❤️.” 

She went to university in Rosario, is a businesswoman, influencer and model

According to Vanity Fair España, Roccuzzo has a bachelor’s degree in humanities and social sciences from the National University of Rosario. She started her postgraduate studies in dentistry, but paused them when she moved to Spain to be with Messi.

Throughout the years, she has built several fashion and fitness brands while amassing more than 20 million followers on Instagram. Additionally, she’s worked with some of the world’s top fashion houses, including Adidas and Stella McCartney. She is co-owner of the Argentine brand, Sarkany with Sofia Balbi.

Roccuzzo is greatly admired and praised by Messi

In an interview with FC Barcelona, the new Inter-Miami player praised his wife, her versatility and personality.

“My wife, Antonela, has lots of great qualities,” he said. “I really admire how she deals with the day-to-day, she is always in a good mood and she approaches problems admirably. She is highly intelligent and well rounded in all aspects of life.”

From what we could gather in the videos of their grocery shopping outing, she also controls the car keys.

She was Messi’s #1 Fan at the FIFA World Cup 2022 and continues supporting him through their move to Miami

When Argentina took home the FIFA World Cup in 2022, Roccuzzo cheered from the stands and ran to the field on December 19, 2022. After congratulating the GOAT and the team in person, she shared a heartwarming message on Instagram.

“WORLD CHAMPIONS 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷,” she wrote. “I don’t know where to start…we feel such pride for you @leomessi. Thank you for teaching us to never lower our arms, to fight until the end.”

Adding, “FINALLY IT CAME TRUE YOU ARE WORLD CHAMPION, we know what you suffered for so many years, what you wished until you achieved this!!! LET’S GO ARGENTINA 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷.

Now, she continues to be his loyal companion as they start fresh in Miami.

“New beginnings 💕,” she wrote on Instagram. “How beautiful the love they received you with. With everything @leomessi! Always accompanying you!”